Madagascar, World Bank and vaccine: A poisoned gift

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  • $ 100 million for vaccines in Madagascar. One wonders what is in such a gift.

    $ 100 million for vaccines in Madagascar. One wonders what is in such a gift.

    In the midst of a JFK remake in Dallas, the Malagasy government finally obtained a World Bank funding agreement of over $ 400 million for various development projects. With loud announcements, the president and his government congratulated each other because it has dragged on for months.

    Even if we can ask ourselves the question, in 2021, of the need to go through the World Bank to develop a country. The number of countries which have been able to effectively develop thanks to the World Bank is 200 x 0. The various injunctions of the World Bank in exchange for aid have always favored free trade and therefore the destruction of the State and public services and more and more predations by foreign companies.

    The Asian example shows us another way forward and Madagascar has not followed it. He risks paying for it in the years to come. In this tranche of funding, $ 100 million, which is a donation, will be used to purchase vaccines. And right now, the eyebrows are raised high in the sky, because why vaccinate a population when the epidemic is over? We have less than 20 cases a day out of a population of 25 million.

    In addition, the focus is only on immunization and not on other aspects of health. The purchase of oxygen, ambulances, treatments, but also to increase the salaries of nursing staff. The Malagasy president, reluctant at the start of the year on vaccines, has made a 180-degree turn.

    No doubt he was made to understand that if he did not apply the international “program” then he could forget the international aid. This explains the sudden turnaround in March / April 2021 amid an outbreak of the South African variant and 2 weeks later the first doses of the Astrazeneca vaccine arrived in the country.

    In August, more vaccines are coming and this time it will be Johnson and Johnson’s Janssen which counts the infamous blood clots in its rare side effects. This is an interesting coincidence since this pharmaceutical company has an agreement with the World Bank to vaccinate all poor countries. In the agreement, the Malagasy government pledged to vaccinate 5 million people, or 20% of the population. It is impossible to do this without going through a mandatory vaccination.

    And if he goes through an obligation, then that will denying all his communication so far. Because in vaccination campaigns right now, we insist that vaccination is no mandatory. Some believe that one could suddenly see a magical rise in cases in the coming weeks, to justify this vaccination. At the same time, that’s what they did the last time around. But it would be surprising if the population accepted wholeheartedly.

    Then we can do the dangerous Indian variant that will kill us all, even if its mortality is insignificant. It would not be surprising to see a decoupling between the number of cases and the number of deaths because that is what they have done in France, England and Israel.

    The links between the World Bank and Big Pharma are as dense as Dreadlocks, because since this organization is the main financier of health programs in poor countries, it is a favorite target for the Big Pharma lobby. We find all the big names, hated by some, like the Gate Foundation, Gavi, etc.

    For the president, the priority is to build the major infrastructures that are part of his IEM (Initiative for the Emergence of Madagascar). And if he is to accept this poisoned gift, then so be it. But it is a risk to be taken if there are side effects that appear in those vaccinated in the next few years.

    Because no one will want to pay for the potential side effects. When you see that Johnson and Johnson have just signed a $ 26 billion out-of-court settlement for their responsibility for the opioid crisis in the United States, you wonder how you can trust such a scoundrel.

    In this vaccination without borders, there must also be no evil plan to sterilize or kill a population. The simplest explanation is just big amount of cash. The intelligence of a Big Pharma executive does not exceed 3 months to know how much money he has won or lost. They found a diamond opportunity to enrich themselves while avoiding all possible liability, no one would turn down such a bargain to sell as much shit as possible in a very short period of time.

    In short, it’s a good thing we have this funding, but pacts with the devils rarely go well.

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