Madagascar: The inflationary jab

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  • Unstoppable inflation, stupid jab propaganda, the general discontent of the population and all this under a geopolitical turmoil.

    Inflation irrattrapable, propagande de piqure débile, le mécontentement général de la population et tout cela sous une trame géopolitique.

    Inflation has become the new normal. Seeing the price per liter of oil at 12,000 ar is normal, seeing the kg of rice at 2,800 ar is also normal. It shows the total failure of this government to curb inflation. Despite the thousands of tonnes imported cheaply from India, it does not work. Because as I said, a country is not an Excel table where we will have mathematical results according to formulas. The grocer, who wants his 20% margin, does not have the same interests as the wholesaler who does not want the state to be a competitor, the state which wants to lower prices. And this is where we see technocrats who are above ground.

    Because they think that by flooding the market, they will lower the prices, but that is without counting the existing commercial circuits. The retailer wants to preserve its relations with its wholesalers and it is not going to trust a State which changes its strategy every four morning. In addition, importing food is consistent when you have shortages. We have all the food we need, but we have global inflation, but mostly speculators. Put a few wholesalers in jail for artificial shortages for a few years and the prices will magically drop.

    It also shows that food sovereignty is not for tomorrow. The development of a country must always be endogenous, we have never been able to develop a country by subcontracting it to someone else. But the drug shortage is very real. More and more pharmacies are running on tight stocks, because the slightest arrival is rationed to avoid stock retention.

    At the same time, we are witnessing stupid propaganda on the jab. The media, eager for fear, to sell their paper tell us about the 3rd, 4th and 5th waves as if they had become experts by reading their college Western journalists who are more competent at cleaning toilets than anything else. I rarely watch Malagasy channels, but I happened to see their advertisement for vaccination. It is unbelievably stupid. And above all, the mention that “vaccination will not be compulsory” has disappeared as if by magic …

    Those who are pushing ahead are the cosmopolitans, those who believe that we should always draw inspiration from the West. The same West that is over 80% vaccinated, but has the same infection rate as the unvaccinated. The vaccine does not prevent transmission, it slightly prevents severe forms, but if we treated the patients correctly, we would not have a problem. Rather than using the $ 100 million from the World Bank to buy injections that don’t work, it’s better to use the money to build hospitals, increase the number of beds and stock up on treatments like azithromicin, chloroquine, ivermectin or even CVO.

    Clearly, the jab like a magic wand is a disaster and you have countries like Austria, 64% vaccinated, but fully in lockdown until February 2022! Madagascar is currently at 1.4%, we have a margin. I’m already anticipating what’s going to happen. Already, this vaccination will become like a Netflix subscription where you will have to have your dose every three months, otherwise the precious green pass, which allows Madagascan cosmopolitans to go to Paris, Dubai, Mauritius or Bombay will be obsolete. Because fundamentally, the part of the population that howls like a skunk terrified in the face of this little flu, is totally brainwashed by Westerners who are the worst in terms of this crisis management in the world.

    Now that the borders are open, let the virus circulate, so that it infects the entire population, in order to have the natural immunity that is superior to all jabs. In addition, it is the Delta variant, which is very contagious, but very little fatal. With Pfizer now having his pill, Paxlovid, he’s going to be able to tell us that the bite is not enough and that we have to buy his shit. The tablet costs 600 dollars according to the latest estimates, but Pfizer has a big heart, he tells us that he will offer it at a low price, 100 dollars a tablet, to poor countries. And they will have to beg from the World Bank to buy pills that are expensive and that are no more effective than current treatments that are expensive.

    Another case that rocked the country is the arrival of Rothschild & Co in Madagascar as a financial advisor. This is a glaring sign of the government’s monetary powerlessness as it will borrow on the financial markets for its projects. This means that entire sectors of the country are going to be in the hands of multinationals. For someone who talks about sovereignty all over the place, that is to say that it is a stinging admission of helplessness. During the first two years, the Rajoelina government turned it around and the Covid-19 crisis, which was handled well compared to other countries, hid the neoliberal and progressive vision. With the arrival of finance, the worst is in front of us.

    We also have a little case that made me laugh. A delegation from the European Union comes to tell us how we should organize our presidential elections. Wait until I understand. Do you have the European Union which is not elected by anyone, with members who are not elected either, who come to tell us how to elect the president? I would like a Malagasy delegation to go to the European Parliament to ask why the Netherlands fired real bullets at its population who refused the vaccination pass. That is to say that we have the police who shoot people in order to give them a shot, supposed to save their lives …

    The Rajoelina government has completely aligned itself with the West, especially the EU-US axis, and these two entities have never been able to develop a single country in the world. The EU is getting fat like a pig on the backs of the Germans and the French and the US is using its military force to make the whole world work for it.

    But behind this turmoil in daily life, let us not forget the geopolitics which has been quite intense since the arrival of the Rajoelina government. I have already said this several times, but the two previous governments had chosen to lean on China and leave the West behind. This government has done the opposite and that is a bad thing because the West is in decline. In recent weeks, Japan has stepped up its diplomatic offensive in Madagascar and Tokyo is in Washington’s axis against China.

    We had the donation of 5 interceptor ships to strengthen the coast guard and this strategy is part of what is called the Indo-Pacific which is an intense battle zone between countries in the Indian Ocean and that of the Pacific. The stake is clear, to counter the Chinese maritime power in this region and to manage the decline of the West in the face of the dragon. Japan is also the main partner of the major port expansion project at Tamatave which will be completed in 2025. The tendency of Malagasy leaders to go to the West is also showing a sure sign of alignment with the West. Normal, the majority of the members of this government are close to the French political elite.

    However, leaving China is not the best option. On the one hand, because it is our main trading partner, we must not forget that it is the Chinese companies which made it possible to extricate Madagascar from the economic slump in the 2000s, after 20 years of socialism under Ratsiraka. But we must not forget that the working conditions are not the same.

    The Chinese community in Madagascar is the largest in all of Africa and Chinese aid continues, albeit on more moderate frequencies. You should not be naive towards China or any other country. Everyone defends their own interests. In a geopolitical situation where Madagascar interests many countries, the best strategy is to look at the highest bidder. The government needs to play competition rather than basing its geopolitics on some silly, nasty ideology that will do no good.

    And we end with a general dissatisfaction of the population which is more and more visible because of inflation. Because yes, we can create roads, amusement parks, go and have fun in Glasgow without any results, the normal guy determines if the government is working for him based on what he can buy or not with his meager salary. And for the moment, with the end of the year approaching, we risk having a prolonged Lent rather than the entire population having their fill.


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