Hey Youtube, when about the monetization of Youtube channels in Madagascar?

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  • Arbitrarily, Youtube decides who can monetize their Youtube channel or not. Real financial racism or just stupidity not to see the new markets.

    Arbitrarily, Youtube decides who can monetize their Youtube channel or not. Real financial racism or just stupidity not to see the new markets.

    Hey Youtube, why Youtubers in Madagascar cannot monetize their channel
    Who decides at home, who can earn money on your platform
    Because we are 25% of the population to regularly use the internet
    That is 6 million Internet users
    Of these 6 million Internet users, many would like to start on Youtube
    But the lack of monetization of Youtube prevents them from doing so

    Hey Youtube, it’s almost the same number of Internet users as Oman while Omani Youtubers can monetize their channel
    A little less than Yemen which has 7 million Internet users while it can monetize its Youtube channels
    But it’s hard to imagine Yemeni Youtubers embarking on a career while the country is at war
    Out of 53 African countries, only 11 countries have monetizable Youtube marketplaces
    This means that 79% of African internet users can go fuck themselves
    Africa has 859 million Internet users, so this implies that Youtube arbitrarily discriminates against 678 million Internet users

    Hey Youtube, maybe you’ll defend yourself by saying there aren’t enough advertisers to justify monetization
    But it’s when Internet users can monetize their channel that it attracts advertisers and not the other way around
    And worse than that Youtube, because your discrimination is totally asymmetrical
    Because I see a lot of Malagasy advertisers who are promoted on foreign Youtube channels
    This means that you have no qualms about taking money from Malagasy advertisers
    But Malagasy Youtubers can take a hike… without filming it to put it on Youtube

    Hey Youtube, is your mentality the same as all these American tech companies
    Like Paypal which has refused for years that Malagasy Internet users can receive money on its service
    As the same Western companies rush to outsource to Madagascar
    Because local labor is still not expensive paid for what it brings you

    Hey Youtube, does your discrimination live up to its hypocrisy
    Where you gonna talk shitty terms like inclusiveness and help poor countries digitize
    While you deny them basic access to your services
    Like making money on the web

    Hey Youtube, how many years will you continue your discrimination against Africa
    While this is the Internet user’s market of the future
    If you had a few neurons, entangled in the gamy atmosphere of your degenerate California
    You would invest in this early market to get a piece of the cake
    Don’t you find it surprising that Africans, who become stars, go through Tik Tok
    You’re so bogged down in cheesy images of the world that you get passed over
    By actors who have only been around for a few years

    Hey Youtube, move your ass
    Study the markets where there are the most Internet users
    Studies the countries where the young population is in the majority
    And you will realize
    Than your current monetizable Youtube markets
    Mainly targeting retirement homes
    And the peace of the cemeteries
    Cemetery that you will soon join
    If you don’t change your tune

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