Madagascar refuses the Covid vaccine and that’s a good thing

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  • Madagascar refuses the blackmail of the vaccine against covid-19. And it’s a good thing.

    Madagascar refuses the blackmail of the vaccine against covid-19. And it's a good thing.

    Madagascar has announced that it is not participating in the Covax project which is the global vaccine against covid-19 at a reduced price. Reduced price is relative, as it represents tens of billions of dollars for Big Pharma. Madagascar is under regular blackmail and pressure from “donors”, no vaccine, no international aid. It’s business as usual. Yet even if the vaccine were accepted, no one would take it because we do not speak out, but we know what is happening in the West.

    Only the faint of heart can believe this vaccine is safe when it was released a few weeks ago. Already, against which variant is it effective? Because if it is against the first covid-19 of March and April, it does not matter, because this variant has disappeared. Is this the African and Maghrebi variant of July and August, that has no interest, because its virulence is ridiculous. Is it a vaccine against the new covid that hits Europe at the start of winter, then that is of no interest to Madagascar, because the country has closed its borders since April and it does not has not yet opened.

    Because 90% effectiveness against a variant that doesn’t exist, it’s very easy to do. Real clinical trials are sorely lacking, no comparison with placebo, because if the placebo also protects 90%, then that is of no point and it proves that the vaccine protects against a virus that has disappeared. It takes 4 years to develop a reliable vaccine, then 2 years of pharmacovigilance to see if there are any side effects in the mass vaccination. Western peoples, afraid of their sanitary tyranny, will be good guinea pigs for us.

    We will be able to see what this vaccine is really worth. Knowing that you can also tamper with immunity. When the tests are bogus to increase the number of cases, it suffices to decrease as much to falsely prove that the vaccine works. Never forget one thing, it’s the same motherfuckers who sold you the Remdesivir who want to vaccinate you. After that, if you persist and sign in your stupidity, that’s your problem.

    In 8 months of the epidemic, we have 17,000 cases in all and around 250 deaths. This means that this virus is so insignificant that it only affected 0.07% of the population and killed 0.001% of the population. I think we have nothing to fear. And the faint of heart will retort, because there are many of them in your countries, that it doesn’t count all the other unlisted cases and deaths, even if you expand to 1%, it’s just not worth it.

    Madagascar has its own treatment, CVO, based on artemisinin, why would it vaccinate? What is laughable is that many African countries, after puking on the Big Island, have also launched their own artemisinin-based mixture. Like what, we know where are the collaborators and the traitors. But what happens if the epidemic returns. Madagascar has just entered summer and so we are quiet until next March. The covid does not like heat waves. At this point, we will already have enough distance, because the small western guinea pigs will have had their sting if they want to live normally, blackmail is beautiful!

    Even if the country still accepts the vaccine, it will be complicated to make it compulsory. And we can’t really scare the Malagasy people. If the pulmonary plague, which kills 100% of its victims, has not had our skin, if class 5 cyclones have not had our skin, if the locust invasion, drought, famine have not in our skin, it is not a small virus with a mortality of 1% that will be able to do anything to us.

    What to watch out for is if Madagascar is not forced to take the vaccine anyway by international organizations, otherwise the money tap will be cut off. The very early closure of the borders saved us the worst and maintaining this closure considerably reduced the damage.

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    2. Mr Reynard says:

      Lived for a few years in Madagascar about 60 years ago, best time of my life …
      It was in Diego Suarez.. The most beautiful bay in the world IMO …

    3. Suro Kendho says:

      God bless you Madagascar!

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