Madagascar: Free COVID Country without Vaccine Dictatorship

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  • Like what, a good herbal tea and a little common sense can eradicate many problems.

    Like what, a good herbal tea and a little common sense can eradicate many problems.

    A few days ago, the CDC classified Madagascar as a level 1 destination in terms of Covid-19 risk. It is also a diplomatic victory with the Malagasy government which convinced the American authorities that for Madagascar, at least for the moment, the Covid is ancient history.

    Have the entire population been vaccinated to achieve this result? Hin, hin, hin, no, the vaccination rate, depending on the city, varies from 0,70 to 10%. So how is this possible? How can you be free from covid when not everyone has had their jab? Madagascar gave more than 5 million artemisinin herbal tea to its population during the epidemic peaks of 2020. It did not stop the epidemic, but it was slowed down rather brutally.

    Then, efforts are focused on early care, fairly rapid tests, the opening of temporary care centers if the number of cases increases per day and of course, treatments such as azithromycin, anti-coagulants as well as chloroquine. We have always followed this process, during the first epidemics of 2020 it was chaotic, today the government has learned the lessons and knows what to do.

    Regarding vaccination, it has never been compulsory and everyone gets vaccinated as they wish. Thus, people who are bottle-fed by the Western media rush to get vaccinated. This is also the case for people at risk such as the elderly, diabetics, etc. But the fact that vaccination was not made compulsory was decisive.

    Little by little, everyone is getting his jab. Although I strongly doubt that the government will reach its target of 50% vaccinated by the end of 2022. Regarding vaccines, we have the Indian-made Covishield (in collaboration with Astrazeneca), the Jansen and the Sinopharm. So a wide choice for those who are afraid of new vaccines.

    We can also salute the malagasy president who stood firm in order not to impose compulsory vaccination. In particular, these assholes of malagasy journalists who already saw themselves in small capos and givers of lesson to the stupid and ignorant population which does not want the divine vaccine.

    Obviously, artemisinin-based herbal tea played a role, but the real measure that makes Madagascar one of the best in terms of covid management is that we have closed our borders since March 2020 … Yes, when we close his windows, the shit flies can’t get in. So far the borders are closed and honestly, we are not doing so badly.

    The cosmopolitans and others who went back and forth between Tana and Paris twice a week, enraged and called names on the government. But given that 99% of the Malagasy population has never boarded a plane because they are too poor, we can say that we do not care about this minority who speaks France and who knows more about what is happening on Western reality shows than in his own country.

    If the country reopens its borders, then the Indian variant will land, the cases will increase mechanically and this will give ground to grind for the vaccine obligation. Vaccination at all costs does not work and will never work. Countries like Israel and Iceland have learned this the hard way. England had taken the path of vaccine madness, but they understood that it was crap and that they had to go back to a life before.

    But what is exceptional in Madagascar’s situation for Covid is when we compare it to our neighbors in the Indian Ocean (apart from the Comoros which are also in level 1). According to the CDC, Mauritius, which often looks down on Madagascar, is at level 4, Seychelles and Réunion are also at level 4. Mayotte does not have reliable data according to the CDC. But given the current situation in Mayotte, it can be said that it is safer to go to Afghanistan and be greeted by the Taliban than to go to this island.

    Seychelles is a very interesting example, over 72% of them are vaccinated, and yet the number of their cases continues to rise as well as the deaths. This is normal, they have not closed their borders. The only difference between Madagascar and its ocean neighbors is that we have sealed off our borders.

    We are one of the poorest countries, we do not necessarily have the best means, but this CDC ranking shows that with a little common sense, a herbal tea and the control of its borders, we can overcome of anything. Countries like France, England, Israel and much of the Western world are at level 4. In contrast, Madagascar is accompanied by several African countries as being nations at very low risk of covid.

    We can cite Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Congo, Guinea, Gabon, etc. In fact, many African countries with few resources are doing very well. You also have China or Taiwan which have become low risk countries. Early treatment, systematic screening, closing borders are much more effective means against an epidemic than any sting.

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