Pirate Wars: 1337x kick the ass of YTS

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  • After learning that the YTS group had shared user data with rights holders, the 1337x site has just kicked his ass by banning him from its site.

    After learning that the YTS group had shared user data with rights holders, the 1337x site has just kicked his ass by banning him from its site.

    The reaction was immediate. We know that in the world of pirates, snitches are not appreciated. We have had so many examples of release groups and sites being banned for cooperating with rights holders and the justice. This time it’s the turn of YTS getting kicked in the ass from 1337x which is simply one of the biggest torrent sites in the world.

    YTS had already had a lot of problems with the law. And the original group threw in the towel. But the operators of this first YTS group had reached an settlement agreement with the courts. One of the agreements, no doubt, was to give rights holders access to their servers. This settlement agreement dated from January 2020 and we can say that the rights holders have triggered a massive response.

    The rights holders, cockroaches in suits, have always known that they cannot beat piracy by force. Every time a torrent site closes, 10 more open in its place. So in recent years, rights holders have been lobbying governments to directly attack Internet users. By bypassing the courts, rights holders can use tactics, similar to racketeering and threats, to make poor Internet users who have downloaded one or two movies in their lifetime head off. By scaring Internet users, the rights holders hope to cut off the very source of visits to a torrent site, namely the mainstream public.

    And that’s what happened with YTS, after providing data like email addresses or IP addresses, the rights holders filed a complaint against an army veteran, Mical Mesot, because they identified the IP address and email he used to download from YTS. And this type of lawsuits, there are a hundred that have been launched by the right holders. When you give Judas’s kiss, you should expect to be seen as a traitor.

    However, this poses a problem on the other side. The YTS bot delivers dozens of movies per week to sites like 1337x and that might dry up a source and given the number of sites that close these days, you might end up with a very empty torrent world. But with pirates at sea or on the web, there is no forgiveness for traitors!

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