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  • Toloka AI which offers you to earn money with painful and repetitive tasks is a shit scam. I advise avoiding it like the plague.

    Toloka AI qui vous propose de gagner de l'argent avec des tâches pénibles et répétives est une grosse arnaque. Je conseille de l'éviter comme la peste.

    Toloka AI is a platform that allows you to earn money with repetitive tasks. Like answering polls, classifying shitty ads or sorting images. The task is paid between 0.01 and 0.03 dollars in the best case. This means that if you want to earn 1 dollar, you need to complete 100 tasks. Welcome to the world of slave traders 2.0! But you have plenty of similar platforms like Clickworker or Appen.

    And as I’m broke from broke, so I decided to try it. I had already registered several months ago, but I had not used it fully. So, I thought to myself, if I do these stupid tasks for 8 hours straight, how much can I earn? So, I put myself in it and it’s really a painful job. Not to mention that Toloka AI has few tasks on its own, as most come from UHRS which is a platform that is the leader in all these tasks.

    So, to be paid, you have to pass a training and a qualification. The training is between 20 to 25 tasks and the qualification just as much. Depending on the task, it can take you between 3 to 4 hours of work before you even start getting paid. As I say, the slave traders are always present!

    And so, I put myself into it, honestly, I only apply myself to 50%, because as it is very repetitive, I make mistakes. But I had already obtained one or two qualifications. After 7 hours, I’m slammed on the ground and my balance is 0.5 dollars. Yeah, that’s the price of half a loaf of bread!

    The next day, I reconnect and there, I see that my account is blocked. I got a message telling me that my account is suspicious and that I need to verify my identity. I have to take a selfie with a number and another with an ID. Like the way the police photograph criminals before putting them in jail. I do, I do my best to provide the best piece possible.

    And no, I don’t have a 1000 bucks phone, allowing for the Ultra Mega resolution pictures. And in addition, I provide a scan of my CIN if the information on the selfie is not clearly visible. Directly rejected! I redo a new attempt by applying the maximum and again rejected! I mean, I would never understand these platforms asking you to verify your identity in such an archaic way. A simple video call should suffice these days and a Scan of a CIN should be more than enough to see all the information.

    But since the requests are handled by Toloka AI in the worst way, then I could never withdraw my 0.5 dollars. In fact, I think I gained a little more, like 0.8. But I can’t know, because for some reason only known to these bastards, they hide your balance when your account is blocked.

    So my advice is never to use Toloka AI, the stuff is a big scam of the worst kind. They invent excuses to block you, identity verification is handled by illiterate macaques. You have other services, but honestly, it’s clearly not worth it. Because you will work for hours alienating yourself by earning sodas.

    Note that Toloka AI belongs to Yandex which is not Russian contrary to what one thinks, but is located in the Netherlands. That means it’s still a big band, but it’s run like piss. Identity verification is absolute crap by online platforms in general, but Toloka AI is the worst experience I’ve had in my career. So avoid it like the plague, because you’ll be working hours for nothing.

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