When Trump’s Mar-a-Lago promotes a pirate site …

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  • Mar-a-Lago, a Trump-owned property and hotel haven for the world’s richest, quietly linked to the streaming hacker site 123movies.

    Mar-a-Lago, a Trump-owned property and hotel haven for the world's richest, quietly linked to the streaming hacker site 123movies.

    Trump’s Florida property Mar-a-Lago often makes the headlines. It is a historic property, bought by Trump in 1985 and transformed into a luxury hotel establishment. Its main attraction is the club, which costs $ 200,000 to join and $ 14,000 in annual membership fees. And for the night, it will cost 2,000 dollars. Of course he is a president who thinks of the poor …

    But what’s interesting is that last week a Reddit user, reported by TorrentFreak, discovered a link to the 123movies site from the official Mar-a-Lago site. The link was very inconspicuous in golden yellow, the same color as the horizontal bar below the welcome text. But the image at the beginning of the article clearly shows the name 123movies and the user even made a short video to show that the text points to the 123movies site.

    123movies is one of the biggest streaming sites in the world with proxies all over the world. Its operateurs are located somewhere in Asia. And it is very strange that a site as prestigious as the one in Mar-a-Lago could promote such a site. This can be a design error of the site and it can be expected that the webmaster is now lining up among the long lines of unemployed in this post-covid-19 era.


    But a technical error is impossible, because it is not a link inserted anyhow. It was thought of as an SEO tactic. Because having a link to your site from Mar-a-Lago is equivalent to a big jump in SEO and trust with Google. Another theory, more likely, is that the webmaster used a bad theme or plugin that used SQL injection to insert the questionable link. This happens frequently on all sites. It appears to be a custom site, without a ready-made CMS since it is based on the ASP Framework, running on a Windows IIS server.

    Obviously, after the discovery, the link quickly disappeared and a consultation of the site’s archives, shows that it was not present before September 2020. A billionaire club site that promotes an illegal streaming site, but in what world are we living?

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