Payoneer, an increasingly deplorable service

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  • Despite great ambitions, Payoneer’s IPO shows that the company has chosen to pamper its shareholders and sacrifice the quality of its service, in particular its after-sales service.

    Despite great ambitions, Payoneer's IPO shows that the company has chosen to pamper its shareholders and sacrifice the quality of its service, in particular its after-sales service.

    Payoneer is a name that does not speak to many westerners who pay online, but for millions of Freelancers who are excluded from Paypal and other services, it has made it possible to have opportunities that we would not could have otherwise. I have been using Payoneer for over 7 years and honestly it fulfilled most of my requests as a Freelancer from a poor country like Madagascar. But since the company’s IPO, service has deteriorated at lightning speed, especially in the after-sales service, which takes weeks to respond when it only took 24 hours before.

    Payoneer is admirable in many ways. Without this service, I would still be a Freelancer with the boot of the local agencies which pay a misery. And one of the best options of Payoneer is the Global Payment Service which allows you to have a virtual bank account in different currencies and major banking networks (USA, EU, Japan, Canada, etc). It is the only one that offers this service, which allows a Freelancer to no longer be hampered by the online payments of his clients, because generally anyone can make a bank transfer (and if a client does not offer a transfer bank, then he is not a real client).

    At first, the Global Payment Service worked with everyone, but after the IPO and finance standards, it’s only for businesses. It’s not a problem, but the slowness and lack of transparency of transactions has become catastrophic. Because the bank accounts offered by Payoneer are not really bank accounts, they only work on local banking networks like SEPA, ACH, England, etc.

    But the transfer can be refused for several reasons and the real problem is that Payoneer no longer explains it to its customers. In the old days, we had a notification on our account stating why the transfer failed and it was quick! As a result, we could react quickly with the customer to resolve the problem.

    Today the transfer failure is never notified and I sometimes spend 5, 7 or even 10 days wondering if the transfer was made. I contact the customer, he tells me that the payment has been made with proof, but nothing on the horizon on my account. And then we go down to hell with Payoneer’s after-sales service, which has become one of the worst I know.

    In the first place, Payoneer does everything so that you do not contact directly. It directs you to its help base, but if it does not answer the question, then we have a contact form, but beware, this is not a real message. When you send the form, you will receive an automatic response from the database by email! And you have to reply to this email to have the chance to run into a human.

    And to find humans in the after-sales service, you must love the eternal wait in Dante’s hell. Imagine that you answer this email on Monday, Payoneer will not answer you until Thursday in the best case. And this first answer will be just a copy-paste and you have to specify the problem again. Then you will have a second answer, but made by another person who will ask you everything from the beginning. Once I got the final answer after three weeks jumping from one person to another and the quality of the answers is pitiful. Obviously, everything is outsourced and therefore, we will have Freelancers on the other side of the world, who will respond to problems on a payment service dedicated to freelancers.

    The problem is that the Freelancer is the poor by definition. He doesn’t have the luxury of waiting 3 weeks to get a lousy response from after-sales service. In addition, it is catastrophic for the relationship with customers, because as Payoneer is absolutely not transparent about the failure of Global Payment Service transactions, customers think that we have pocketed the money, because they, of the other side, everything is fine. If the transaction is unsuccessful, Payoneer must return the payment to the sender after 7 days. Except with several of my clients, they never received this refund and I’m the one who passes for a scammer.

    Either there is hardly anyone at Payoneer’s after-sales service, or they have totally sacrificed the quality of their service, which made their reputation for the benefit of shareholders and the financial markets. We remember the Wirecard case where after a few days of storm, Payoneer had guaranteed all of its users’ funds from its equity. It was very much appreciated and I hope they will really improve their service, because now it is just not possible anymore. Over the past few months, I’ve lost almost 50% of my potential income because Payoneer has really done shit.

    And I’m not even talking about what’s going on with his cards, I had a guy who waited 6 months for his! Useless bureaucracy, moldy steps in procedures, after-sales service that is just catastrophic, it is anything but a panacea for a service dedicated to Freelancers.

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