Microsoft buyout is the best thing that can happen to Bethesda

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  • For a studio lost in sight, creativity and talent, Microsoft’s takeover of Bethesda is the best thing that can happen to the latter.

    For a studio lost in sight, creativity and talent, Microsoft's takeover of Bethesda is the best thing that can happen to the latter.

    Bethesda is a legendary name in video games, like many other studios. Creator of Skyrim and The Elder Scrolls, but also Fallout, Dishonored, Bethesda has made its eternal imprint in video games. We lost entire lives completing all of Skyrim’s quests and trying to resuscitate the MMORPG by giving the Elder Scrolls a chance.

    Microsoft is buying Bethesda for 7.5 billion dollars and some see it as the end of Bethesda. But the legendary studio died in the 2010s. For 10 years, Bethesda has been floundering in the mire of mediocrity and releasing titles as tasteless as they are rotten. Elder Scrolls was a good idea, except nobody cares about the MMORPG. We’re not twenty years old anymore and we don’t live with our parents anymore, spending our days playing shitty games.

    The Minecraft example is Bethesda’s best hope. In 2014, Microsoft bought Mojang and everyone cried out for unholy rape. But 6 years later, Minecraft is still here and Mojang keeps releasing updates. Bethesda is dying like hell. The Fallout 76 fiasco, but also its pitiful adventure in mobile games, proves that this is a studio that has aged very badly, which does not understand the players and is content to stand still.

    Microsoft is going to leave its independence to Bethesda, yeah, like a client would leave its independence to a prostitute he pays … But Microsoft’s paw can be a good thing, a breath of freshness in the studios which smell of rancid and musty since several years. Microsoft continues to make acquisitions to enrich its portfolio.

    Like Bethesda, Microsoft is as empty as it gets, but unlike the studio, the Redmond firm sits on a mountain of cash. Microsoft will not play the exclusivity card for Xbox because we know there will be no exclusive titles. And anyway, only brain autistic people could buy the Xbox against the PS5.

    This type of concentration in video games will continue in the future. On the one hand, because the sector is extremely saturated, the studios do not know what to invent, the tasteless titles follow one another in the chain. If other large groups are entering the sector, such as Amazon or Google, this can give new impetus.

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