SoccerStreams: On course to become a monster in soccer streaming sites

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  • The real racket of the English football clubs propelled SoccerStreams to the fore. A monster was born in the illegal streaming of soccer.

    The real racket of the English football clubs propelled SoccerStreams to the fore. A monster was born in the illegal streaming of soccer.

    To say that soccer clubs are in trouble is an understatement, but to say that they take their fans for triplicate assholes is more than an understatement. The English Premier League resumed in September 2020 and with all the stupidities of the UK government let’s say the stadiums are as empty as during a Biden’s meeting. In addition, football clubs have decided that their sacred mission to gain the love of their fans is to extract as much money as possible from them.

    Thus, we learn that in addition to your exorbitant subscription to Sky Sports or Bet Sports, fans also have to pay for the viewing per game. And let’s say it stings, because it’s £ 14.95 per game. Knowing that the subscriptions already cost 40 and 30 pounds per month respectively. But on top of that, if you watch 4 games in this post-covid era, then that’ll come back to you at £ 60 per month.

    The fan’s anger is understandable, but at the same time, football has been totally corrupted by money, prostitution and drugs for 20 years. Can we expect a good gesture from the mafias that football clubs have become today? Obviously, when the legal offer becomes outright racketeering, then there is a massive rush of fans to illegally stream soccer games. And SoccerStreams is the hottest new site.

    Originally, SoccerStreams started out as a Reddit, but the platform banned it under direct orders from the Premiere League. The Reddit was very popular with over 420,000 subscribers. The administrators figured there was something to do and launched the SoccerStreams site. At first, the site was swamped with the many sports streaming sites that swarm the industry. But with this story of 15 pounds sterling to see a single fucking match, as much to say that SoccerStreams has seen its audience multiply by 1000. Since August 2020, the site prances with more than 25 million visits per month.

    The real racket of the English football clubs propelled SoccerStreams to the fore. A monster was born in the illegal streaming of soccer.

    You might think that the majority of visitors are British. But we also have Portuguese, Norwegians, Canadians and almost 19% Americans. 22% are British. SoccerStreams is now in the UK’s top 500 most visited locations. Administrators can thank the Premier League. Online streaming shatters the blackmail that has been carried out for the past 10 years by TV channels which had purchased the exclusive rights to broadcast the matches. “Pay or quit” they said.


    Well, fans are quitting this racketeering because they can find the same thing elsewhere, but for free. Illegal streaming can literally destroy the current model of professional football. Because let’s not forget, 90% of income comes from TV rebroadcasting rights. If people understand that they’ve been taken for idiots for years, then memberships will drop instantly drying up club coffers. And that will be a good thing.

    In all countries with developed professional football, it’s the hunt for cash. In France, we have the failure of Mediapro and all the French clubs are in trouble. Huge speculation and indecent player salaries, transfer amounts which are sheer stupidity were based on one resource, the wallets of the most loyal fans who kept paying over and over. But with this crisis, half of England is bankrupt and for the first time in decades, England had its first famine crises where people were running out of food.

    And meanwhile, Premier League mafias were spending £ 1 billion on transfers during the 2020 summer transfer window. Relying on either the “generosity” of the government or the pockets of the fans… While these clubs must do the opposite, offer free matches as the country overcomes the crisis, they prefer to tax every last penny of the football fan. In the country that invented football, it’s not a sickening shame, it’s much worse.

    But you can always find worse. In Uncle Sam’s blessed country, watching a single Missouri football game online costs $ 54.99. Like what… the mafias have become the norm.

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