Bitcoin can thank central banks

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  • The current craze over Bitcoin is not based on an alleged attraction of this “currency”. Because it has been a speculative asset and just as toxic for several years.

    The current craze over Bitcoin is not based on an alleged attraction of this "currency". Because it has been a speculative asset and just as toxic for several years.

    With insane prices, Bitcoin makes its headlines every year. In fact, we forget that each beginning of the year, Bitcoin soars to new heights, as investors seek new means and assets on which to bet and scale. This year is no exception, but the increase is stronger than ever. And this is not related to the covid, but rather to its indirect effect on central banks.

    To compensate for the losses, all the central banks opened the floodgates, in fact, they directly broke the tap, the valve and all the securities to water the financial markets with a gigantic mass of cash. Whether in the United States, Europe and Asia, everyone prints money at lightning speed.

    This amount of money supply must find a loophole because it was primarily used to bail out banks and therefore financial markets. So we have a huge amount of liquidity that has to go somewhere. And since all sectors of the real economy are being destroyed by the Great Reset, in order to putrefy and concentrate as much wealth as possible, then banks and investment funds are lining their pockets.

    Central banks feed the financial markets which in turn create speculative bubbles. Because we are talking about Bitcoin, but real estate follows the same exponential rise curve. French and US real state prices have never been so high in regions where prices are always higher. Artificially high prices, a huge mass of money that we do not know what to do with and you have a bubble.

    Bitcoin was destroyed, like an alternative currency, in the first year of its creation. Satoshi’s principles are lost in the voracity of deep morons, assholes, scoundrels and rotten cockroaches, who continue to wank their cocks trying to make as much money as possible in the process.

    In addition, the Grand Reset also involves removing the very concept of cash and creating an entirely virtual currency. Central bank cryptocurrency has been in the bins for a long time, in fact, the system in place has been talking about it since 2016. The Covid gives them the opportunity to create this cryptocurrency by creating confusion with Bitcoin and the stupidity of the morons who promote it.

    The rise and volatility of Bitcoin is a hallmark of a financial asset. An asset that appreciates and depreciates at the mercy of the financiers on Wall Street and the mass of money spinning in the sky, like lightning looking for a way to land by any means. It is not a currency, it will not change the financial system, it will strengthen it and today the biggest Bitcoin winners have slanted eyes and must be grinning.


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