Public Wifi: Arrested for NOT spying on their customers

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  • In Grenoble, France, 5 bar managers were arrested. Their crime? NOT spying on their customers. Dictatorship in France is now a pleonasm.

    In Grenoble, France, 5 bar managers were arrested. Their crime? NOT spying on their customers. Dictatorship in France is now a pleonasm.

    Thus, we learn that 5 managers in Grenoble, France were arrested (in french) for NOT having spied on their customers. You have to turn this existential question all over the place to understand that from now on you are going to in France if you do not spy on your fellow human beings. These bars offered a public connection and according to an old law, passed by the rancid right, it obliges any entity to record the data of its users. IP address, date and time of connection, sites visited, username and password entered, all the bells and whistles.

    According to this law (in french), whose stupidity can not be the sum of all the weak of mind in France, someone, moral or physical, is considered an ISP as long as he provides an connection to his customers. This is to say that if someone dies of alcoholism, the owner of a bar is their murderer!

    And the fines can go very far, because for a legal person it is 75,000 euros and for a company it is 375,000 euros. France has as many freedom-killing laws as there are inhabitants per square meter. Most of the time, these laws are ignored. But when the time for dictatorship comes, with a government and a system breaking down into its own rot, then we go out all we can to bludgeon the citizens.

    Knowing you have to do the opposite, you idiots! Studies show that when you encrypt your connection with a VPN, customers feel more secure. And in France, we punish those do not want to spy on their own customers. And the same assholes will then sing and belch “” around every corner. Hypocrisy is dripping through every pore of their skin and out of their other holes. For bars, it’s harder to be anonymous, as most of them connect with their phones.

    But if you are in an internet cafe, then you can use a USB stick with the Tails Linux distribution on it. We plug in the key, we do what we have to do with the connection and then we remove the key and we do not leave any traces on the machine of the internet cafe. The Tails key is recommended for people who live in the most tyrannical countries and the greatest enemies of freedom of expression and privacy of which France is now a part … since 2006.

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