YTS gets her ass kicked from all torrent sites

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  • After its betrayal by providing user data to rights holders, YTS site gets its ass kicked from all torrent sites.

    After its betrayal by providing user data to rights holders, YTS site gets its ass kicked from all torrent sites.

    The summer 2020 piracy saga will undoubtedly be that of YTS, who has arguably become the worst traitor to his former “colleagues”. As a reminder, YTS reached an amicable agreement with the rights holders in January 2020. The result is that the owner of the site, a certain Senthal Vijay Segaran has started providing user information to the rights holders. It provides the IP address and email address of YTS users and the legal firm directly threatens its users by demanding a fine for downloading to YTS! A real loop of bastards!

    YTS as persona non grata

    After this revelation, the 1337x site banned YTS from its site by banning all releases, but also access to its bot. Note that old publications are not deleted. Subsequently, TorrentGalaxy, Glotorrents also did the same. And today we learn that KATcr (former Kickass Torrent) and ETTV also kicked YTS’s ass. According to KATcr, the right to privacy of every visitor must not be compromised, it is our duty to prevent the sharing of YTS content on our platform.

    Glotorrents added, saying: We do not approve of this kind of behavior and, therefore, we have decided to stop the YTS bots for movies and series. Since some of our visitors download their content, we would not want them to fall victim to these selfish and greedy acts, hence the ban on YTS.

    This case shows the importance of protecting yourself when going to torrent sites. Use an ad blocker to neutralize every script you can imagine and set up a VPN which you can find on NordVPN,, Private Internet Access or Hidemyass. If YTS users had used a VPN for hiding their IP adress, that asshole Senthal Vijay couldn’t have provided anything. And for the email address, there is no point in providing it on a torrent site!

    Editorial control

    But the case took a different turn. Because the legal firm, Culpepper IP, which cooperates with YTS and sends threatening emails, attacks on the editorial line. Thus, he applied for an injunction to get her hands on the domain names of Glotorrents and TorrentGalaxy.

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    Because by banning the bots from YTS, it proves that site owners exercise editorial control over the content of their site and that they are to blame. One of the common defenses of torrent sites is that they do not control what is posted to the site by users. Therefore, they are not responsible for any copyrighted content. However, this legal firm is at the pickup, because it is bots that have banned, so this does not apply.

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