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  • YTS, one of the biggest torrent sites, quietly provides IPs and email addresses to a legal firm. The latter then threatens YTS’s own users to pay a fine for their “piracy”. That’s wonderful.

    YTS, one of the biggest torrent sites, quietly provides IPs and email addresses to a legal firm. The latter then threatens YTS's own users to pay a fine for their “piracy”. That's wonderful.

    A few days ago, it was reported that 1337x had banned YTS for providing its users’ personal data to authorities. But the case is much more shit than that. Since YTS reached an amicable agreement with the rights holders, it appears to have changed sides completely. The administrator of YTS is an Indian called Senthal Vijay Segaran through a company called Techmodo Limited and this company is registered in UK.

    The problem is that since the out-of-court settlement YTS has cooperated with a legal firm called Culpepper IP which in turn works for rights holders. And this cooperation is bearing fruit. This is because several YTS users have received emails from Culpepper IP asking them to pay a fine for downloading a torrent file from YTS. Reported by TorrentFreak, we clearly see a huge problem. No one has ever been convicted of downloading a torrent file.

    You cannot because a such file does not contain any copyrighted information. It only contains metadata and it is not illegal to do so. What is illegal is to download and share the real copyrighted creation. The email is asking for about $ 1,000 from YTS users without a judge’s ruling or anything.

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    TorrentFreak considers this “unusual”, I would say it’s a mountain of dung. Because if Techmodo Limited is a British company, why can it operate quietly when it is known that it manages YTS which is considered an illegal site by the British authorities? Then the YTS user is racked up by a Copyright Troll with information provided by YTS himself.

    In summary, here we have an illegal site, run by a seemingly legal entity, collecting and processing information from private users and then handing that data over to third party lawyers/media companies overseas, those who seem to know the legal status site and the company behind it. The firm Culpepper IP probably knows the status of Techmodo Limited and it has an agreement with YTS. We leave the British company alone and in exchange, you allow us to extort your own users! Wow, I’ve been following piracy news for almost a decade, but this is the first time I’ve seen such a bastard.

    Folks, when you go to a torrent site, whatever, always use VPNs like those from NordVPN, VPN.ac, Private Internet Access, or even VyprVPN. And also use a disposable email address. In fact, most of these sites don’t require registration, so don’t sign up.

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