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  • The LancetGate shows a mountain of excrement in the scientific publication that never ceases to show bureaucracy in a white coat.

    The LancetGate shows a mountain of excrement in the scientific publication that never ceases to show bureaucracy in a white coat.

    As I said in Chlochlo (in french), rage and fury take hold of good people when they see whores in white coats destroying health as a common good for 30 pennys on the stock market. A can of gasoline to burn everything and start from scratch. The Chlochlo study is a bag of excrement. The majority of the data is fabricated, like what, bureaucrats, who simply fill columns of Excel, is not far from reality.

    The data is mixed, taking no account of patient history. Statistical methods appear to have been manipulated by monkeys, having drunk a bottle of absinthe. Basically, this is big shit, made metics unscrupulous rogue, corrupted right down to their balls by Big Pharma. Because yes, Surgisphere, the famous company that provided data for tens of thousands of patients, who are allegedly dead because of Chlochlo, did not exist before March 2020 (in french).

    It’s big even for stupids that we are, because yes, that’s how the whores in white coats, consider us, stupids, to dare to throw us such shit hoping that we were going to swallow it like a good goose fatty that must be stuffed with nonsense. The Lancet, son of a bitch in front of the eternal yellow jacket, ended up wiggling his ass saying that the study had an Expression of Concern.

    You, who know nothing about scientific publications, I’m explaining Expression of Concern to you. You rape a woman and you go to court where you are accused, with your dirk in the air, dripping of condensed milk, while claiming: “But I am innocent”. An Expression of Concern is the worst kind of shit. But do you know where the real problem is?

    As I have said many times, I have been a science communicator for 5 years and for me, this type of totally rotten study from start to finish is just a Tuesday. That’s why I gave up on this shit because 99.99% of studies in journals are of the same ilk. Bureaucrats who lick other bureaucrat’s asses for state subsidies. The LancetGate is a septic pit. The more you clean, the more shit comes out of all the holes. But all science is like that, because every time it comes out without a scratch. 1000 dead from contaminated blood and you get away with a smile.

    The real gangrene of science is the lack of sanctions. In a normal world, the study should never have passed the review process, which shows that the Lancet reviewers are just as corrupt. When you see that the citations of scientific papers, are the subject of a farm with authors who cite among themselves to promote themselves, we say that they have nothing to envy to the Instagram beauties.

    Then when it was discovered that the study was rotten, it should have been retracted within a second. But nada. Remember that The Lancet published the study showing the link between vaccine and autism and that it took 10 years to retract. Anti-vaccination caused 10 times more deaths than Covid.

    Then, the 4 metic researchers should have been excluded from the academic sector definitively. In fact, if they are practitioners, they should be removed from the College of Physicians. And finally, universities, hospitals and the institutions that employed them, should no longer receive a single penny of grant or aid. Sure, they’ll go into prostitution at Big Pharma, but at least taxpayers won’t pay for studies that kill them slowly. Because when you destroy a study on a treatment, you kill people as directly as with a bullet in the head.

    Any normal person would be punished if they committed a small crime. You steal pasta to feed your family, 6 months in prison. But if real crackers can puke science, when they are basically parasites of society, they get away with a smile.

    Burn them all as they are!

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