Covid-19: Be wary of Remdesivir like the plague

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  • Remdesivir is a promising treatment for Covid-19. But the billions of conflicts of interest and the opacity of this drug will only make matters worse.


    You may have noticed that for the past few days, mass or specialist media have been loudly singing the glory of the Remdesivir against the Covid-19. One tablet and you’re healed, it just looks so simple on paper. But let’s say that the reality is far from being so sweet and that it is above all a huge money pump launched by Gilead Sciences, the manufacturer behind this drug.

    Above all, let’s be clear. In small clinical trials, Remdesivir is effective enough to lower the viral load of Covid-19. So it was a Chinese study published on February 4, 2020 in Cell Research that set the fire. The researchers tested several drugs and two stand out clearly, Remdesivir and chloroquine. The decrease in viral load by Remdesivir is more significant.

    But the authors’ conclusion is almost final, both are highly effective against Covid-19. So why are we jerking off for Remdesivir and among the wankers, I include the medical community, scientists and all professionals of the profession and who are condemned to the prison, the modest chloroquine? The answer is in the question, it would be known if modern medicine was for the poor.

    Remdesivir is the biggest unicorn of Big Pharma

    I can tell you about Remdesivir. I am not a virologist, a chemist, an infectious disease specialist, but having managed a scientific news site since 2015, I witnessed the birth, the alleged glory and the infernal fall of Remdesivir. It was created by Gilead Sciences and we will talk about this bastard company. Remdesivir started to be touted as the miracle cure for Ebola in 2015 with a successful trial on macaques.

    Journals like Science, Nature and I don’t even talk about the medical media who said that this is it, we had treatment for Ebola. Then we had clinical trials on Ebola. We are in the midst of an Ebola epidemic at the time, and therefore, the world was ready to go to checkout. I’m telling you about the scene, when Ebola saw Remdesivir, he did this:

    Remdesivir is a promising treatment for Covid-19. But the billions of conflicts of interest and the opacity of this drug will only make matters worse.

    The failure was bitter. The treatment was slightly effective, but the patient mortality was over 50%. Yes, we probably would have cured the patient, but he died in the meantime. Too bad ! And I saw these assholes of journalists and bitches, wiggling their asses, to explain such a stinging defeat after they had spent months praising us the merits. The Remdesivir was secretly put off and brought out against the SARS where it demonstrated good effectiveness. Normal, going from Ebola to a flu is like going from the Champions League to the amateur club, the level is slightly different.

    And here we go again for a circus in 2020, because Big Pharma has found the opportunity to recycle its medicine against the villain Covid-19 and this time, the whole world is the customer. Perfect, the shareholders of the company would say to me. You could say that if it works against the Covid-19, then what’s the problem? The problem, little butterfly, comes from its manufacturer, Gilead Sciences, which is a bit of a paw in terms of business and pharmaceutical mafia.

    Remember at the end of February 2020, what were the other “ultra-promising” drugs against Covid-19? Lopinavir and Ritonavir which belong to Abbot, another sinister name of Big Pharma. In fact, these two meds are marketed under the name Kaletra by AbbVie which is the result of a split with Abbot. The side effects of Kaletra are so disgusting that I tell you, I prefer to die from Covid-19! And we also have the story of Tamiflu.

    Tamiflu was promoted as a flu medicine. And many governments had bought tons of it (£ 500 million for England and £ 1 billion for France) and it was later discovered that Tamiflu was completely ineffective against influenza infections. Guess who co-invented Tamiflu? Gilead Sciences. Sons of bitches one day…

    Gilead Sciences is also known for Sofosbuvir, a hepatitis C drug. Let’s say there was a slight concern, that the company was selling the pill for $ 1,000. The box cost more than 80,000 dollars (in the United States). You will tell me, but we are in a global pandemic and Gilead, the good guy, is going to offer Remdesivir at a low price. Yes, I could also say that Trump is a promoter of peace and that Juncker has never drink had a single drop of alcohol in his life. To create perceptions of reality, we can do anything.

    In March 2020, the FDA gave the title of orphan drug to Remdesivir. The orphan drug grants an exclusive license to the manufacturer for 7 years. It is given when the drug is for less than 200,000 people in the United States. As there are few patients, so the tablet must be as expensive as possible so that Big Pharma can pay private islands to its shareholders. Despite the fact that Gilead pretended to say that he refused this classification, I can guarantee you that on the board of directors, it must be orgy and Dom Pérignon.

    I remind you that in the study that started it all, chloroquine and Remdesivir are equivalent in terms of reduced viral load. And both require rapid administration after infection. So you can bet that Remdesivir, like chloroquine, will not be effective in patients, who look like fish out of the water in intensive care.

    So, for equivalent effectiveness, why don’t we choose chloroquine? European governments have spent billions of euros on Tamiflu, which has given absolutely nothing. And if chloroquine doesn’t work on a large scale, then it doesn’t matter, we’ll move on. But no, we impose Remdesivir which is a new drug, which is not yet on the market, whose pharmacovigilance is completely unknown and is considered a miracle cure?

    One very important thing is that one has to understand the different phases of Covid-19 disease. In the first days of infection, one will have mild symptoms like fever or cough. Then you will have the immune system that will trigger its response. And it is therefore this immune response that kills patients. Because as the disease progresses, the viral load decreases. And when the patient is admitted to the hospital for respiratory distress, he has almost no virus in the body, it is only his own immune system that is killing him (that’s how it is with many viruses). And it is when there are no more viruses that you administer Remdesivir who is anti-viral drug ! It can’t work.

    So you have to give him at the start of the infection, but at that time, the symptoms are too mild to give him such a toxic drug. Remdesivir has monstrous side effects. The Chinese were the first to use it and each time, patients had to give up treatment because Remdesivir was too toxic. At the beginning of the infection, chloroquine is much less toxic, we have known its side effects for 50 years and azithromycin is a very common antibiotic. I have taken Nivaquine for 15 years (who have chloroquine) and have never had a single problem, so don’t tell me it’s dangerous.

    In fact, when I was a child, I lived in a small town in Madagascar for 1 year. There was only one school run by nuns. Everyone went there and we had a “Nivaquine Thursday”. Each week, we left the morning class an hour earlier and everyone took their dose of two nivaquines to fight malaria as a preventive treatment. Thousands of children have taken chloroquine for years without any problems. Someone who dares to say that chloroquine is dangerous is at the same time a crook, an incompetent or a corrupt one and in the morons of scientists who denigrate chloroquine, they have these three tares.

    The United States, entirely corrupted by Big Pharma, are rushing on Remdesivir, because the epidemic is stopping by itself. In a few months, nobody will take their medication anymore and therefore, they must impose Remdesivir through fear today.

    Money bags must be pilling up at FDA and other US health organizations. I’m going to be told that the drop in viral load is greater with Remdesivir in the Chinese study, but the latter did not use Azithromycin, an antibiotic widely used in the world, in combination with chloroquine as the did Professor Raoult and other teams around the world. If chloroquine alone lowers viral load a little, then adding an antibiotic greatly increases the effects.

    And there is something else.

    Here is the chemical structure of chloroquine:

    Remdesivir is a promising treatment for Covid-19. But the billions of conflicts of interest and the opacity of this drug will only make matters worse.

    And here is that of Remdesivir:

    Remdesivir is a promising treatment for Covid-19. But the billions of conflicts of interest and the opacity of this drug will only make matters worse.

    Yes, this is an huge piece of chemical shit. Its synthesis is an absolute nightmare. In Taiwan, it took a team of 7 researchers to synthesize 1 gram of Remdesivir with 99% purity. And it took them a few weeks to do it. 1 gram! Of course, when we go to mass production, then we can speed up the process considerably, but it will be 1,000 times slower and 10,000 times more expensive than mass production of chloroquine.

    If Remdesivir is demonstrated by tests (often bogus as was the case with Tamiflu), then there is a risk of having very strong demand for a supply which will be very weak. Prices will soar to the ceiling and Gilead Sciences will be able to add other private islands to its shareholders. And we repeat, this is a new drug, they will rusher it like pigs, ignore the side effects and we will end up in a huge shit.

    It could be said that there are few scientific arguments for chloroquine against Covid-19, but there are absolutely none for Remdesivir. But we are going to be forced to do so, because the epidemic of fear is much more effective than common sense.

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