Start your own business and you’ll fail miserably

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  • With a bankrupt world, everyone wants to “start his own business”, but the failure rate will be massive and cause even greater bankruptcy.

    With a bankrupt world, everyone wants to "start his own business", but the failure rate will be massive and cause even greater bankruptcy.

    In recent months, the word “entrepreneurship” has come back into fashion. We see young shoots, launching into entrepreneurship to be their own boss. Myself, I have received numerous calls asking for advice, feeling that I am an oldie in this business. As if “working online” came down to writing lines, launching a few sites so that the cash magically fall in your hands.

    With the tens of millions of jobs lost around the world, star your own business, in a kind of madness, seems to have become the mantra of many people, not to go mad and starve. Neoliberal advocates, in the media and in big companies, who never set out, but got their job through good mating rather than hard work, will not come to contradict them.

    The truth is this. All of the young entrepreneurs will wallow and return to their parents, who are even now appealing to the courts to no longer provide for their needs. After all, why spend decades behind a dusty desk, playing the stooge when at your twenties, you can launch a disruptive idea, call investors and attend TedX conferences filled with buggers and bitches to change the world. This myth is fueled by an industry, whose scam is its main signature.

    In the same way that J. Worthington Foulfellow and Gideon in Pinocchio are going to bamboozle the puppet for the Land of Toys with slavery in after-sales service, the entrepreneurs throw themselves in and fail, fall back into an even more crappy job.

    The most successful entrepreneurs have an average age of 45, and companies that can have a successful business are on average 50 years old. Because the 20 years of experience spent behind the counter are mandatory and it is impossible to do without. No diploma, no school, no training can replace them. This myth of the young entrepreneur is destroying all of society. Young people leave university and even elementary school to start entrepreneurship, but after that, those years of study will never be caught up.

    I’m in my 40s and never had a proper education, but I would have given anything to get an education. Even if the diploma is no longer worth anything, in its real aspect it has value for old-fashioned companies. And this knowledge is also real. Education, thankless work and experience are a gourd filled with water to help you through the Cyclopean wilderness of adulthood. By quitting your studies and swallowing the myth of going on your own, you take an ice pick and you burst your gourd.

    In this desert on my 40th birthday, I see many many skeletons, dried up by the capitalist sun and this year and the next, I predict that there will be many more who will join them.

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