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  • The unfortunate thing about Hydroxychloroquine is that it doesn’t make enough money and is incompatible with current medicine which only thinks of getting rich with entirely corrupt scientists and doctors at Big Pharma.

    The unfortunate thing about Hydroxychloroquine is that it doesn't make enough money and is incompatible with current medicine which only thinks of getting rich with entirely corrupt scientists and doctors at Big Pharma.

    The biggest drawback of Hydroxychloroquine is that it is effective against covid-19, but it does not pay off. Today’s health is so financialized that a drug that does not bring in a penny has to go in the trash. And yet, there is no lack of studies that prove the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine like this one, this one or this one. We also have an absolutely crystal clear editorial from Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale, who advocates overwhelmingly in favor of hydroxychloroquine.

    But from the start, Big Pharma and corrupt scientists and doctors wouldn’t hear of it. As the solution was not proposed by the West, but Asian countries like China, then it is unthinkable that savages and barbarians found a cure while the West wallowed in the mud. And Westerners must continue to consume as many pills as possible otherwise how Big Pharma shareholders could afford private islands.

    The majority of Big Pharma executives are doctors as I am. Most are from high finance who have only one mantra in mind, maximize profits by all means. Currently, 15% of Americans take 5 or more medications for their health.

    With an aging western population, it is normal to take more drugs, but often these drugs are unnecessary and their side effects require other drugs and the circle can continue in a downward spiral, plunging patients into agony and pain and over-indebtedness.

    With America’s health care system totally broken, there is an incentive to come up with drugs like creating new toys for every Christmas. In 2012, two French doctors published a 900-page book (in French) in which they show, with supporting evidence, that 50% of the drugs on the market are useless and that their side effects are increasingly serious.

    Big Pharma is the most opaque industry in the world, it’s easier to ask the mafia for transparency! What is the cost of treatment for diabetes? 2 billion dollars, that of paracetamol? $ 2 billion, that of a cough syrup? $ 2 billion. We have no idea of ​​the real cost of the drugs and therefore Big Pharma does what it wants.

    The demonization of Hydroxychloroquine was meant to promote Remdesivir and I have already explained that it is better to die from covid-19 rather than take this shit. Remdesevir has never worked, neither against Ebola and even less against Remdesevir. Governments around the world recommend hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin for treatment in the first few days after infection with covid-19. Only two continents, America and Europe, have been caught in a kind of furious madness where they have mostly tried to demonize Hydroxychloroquine by all means rather than fighting the epidemic.

    The result is final. Europe and America have the most deaths in the world. In India, the death rate relative to the number of cases is 1.9%. Perhaps because India is one of the largest producers of Hydroxychloroquine and the Indian authorities see remarkable effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine in patients, especially among medical workers.

    In the United States, the death rate is 3.1% and the country is doing pretty well, because despite all the shit organized by the medical and scientific media, there are courageous American doctors who continue to prescribe Hydroxychloroquine . In Europe, the death rate is 6.4%, the highest in the world with France and Italy which greatly increases this percentage.

    But Big Pharma, scientists and corrupt doctors would rather kill tens of millions of people than admit they were all wrong. What is dramatic is that we have witnessed the total collapse of Western science. The Lancet which publishes a fraudulent study from a to z and which is retracted in a few days. We also have scientific journals that refuse to publish the slightest study, beneficial to Hydroxychloroquine (apart from a few journals).

    The rest of the world is witnessing the collapse of the West in the medical and scientific field. Because this field has been literally plagued by money, incompetence and researchers and scientists who have forgotten everything what is care unless they have never set foot in a hospital in their life and they spend their lives lining up statistics in Excel columns in order to draw conclusions like astrologers studying the position of the stars to guess who will win the lottery.

    Even Madagascar, the poorest country in the world and with virtually no health system, is doing better than the West. Everyone laughed at Madagascar when it released its own artemisinin remedy, called CVO, but the fact that despite having just experienced an epidemic wave, we had 13,886 cases for 171 deaths, or 1.2% mortality. In addition to CVO, Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin is recommended here by the government. When a poor country outshines the West in its fight against the epidemic, then Westerners, now, should think carefully about teaching any medical lesson to anyone on the planet.

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