Covid-19: Sinophobia or collapse of the West

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  • A small virus has shattered all the great certainties of the whites by causing sinophobia and racism without borders.


    He failed, he collapse and he was beaten to the bone. A small virus knocked on the door of the West, the latter, praising its beautiful promises and certainties, promoting the “best health systems” in the world, collapsed in front of a rascal, buddy of the flu. The West has collapsed due to a gradual decline of its elites over the past 40 years.

    Clones, ersatz that are constantly replicating and whose main attraction is an overflowing parasitism, aligning with America which has shattered on all sides and with hatred against its own people, which seems very strange to us, we, exotic and wild peoples of distant horizons. Not that our leaders are saints, but they don’t hate their people, they just want to fill their pockets, it’s honest from the start and the contract is tacitly accepted on both sides.

    But in the West, in addition to a giver of lessons at the global level, we have this permanent schizophrenia which is that its elite always thinks that its “subjects” are children who must be mothered or led with the rod, that can make them swallow all the vipers with little fears, repeated in loops by mass media prostitutes, singing in chorus the great glory of the Supreme Soviet. And because of this schizophrenia, it is impossible for this elite to make amends.

    Yet another proof with the meeting of the Eurogroup which boasted 500 billion to fight against the little rascal, but which imposed fierce austerity on the Italians who went to bed as usual. To say that it is the Dutch, peoples to say the least shabby, who are teaching the greats of Europe, there is something to laugh a good blow and cough at the same time to evacuate the evil. Dutch who have made it their specialty to classify the sucking of Pickelhaube into a kind of absolute taste control.

    They claim victory, the tulip eaters, because once again, they will be able to plunder the countries of southern Europe. Definitely, colonization is a quality that persists through centuries. How could one work on his own without plundering the resources of his neighbors is a question that the Dutch or the Germans never asked themselves, but we can thank the Italians, the Spanish and the French for lying lower than ground , to please masters who only dream of gas chambers, disguised as rogue banks. After all, if you behave like doormats, why be surprised that someone wipes their feet on you ?

    But let’s leave these poor Europeans aside and we’ll revel in the other side of the Atlantic. I always take a piece of Pringles and a glass of coke and syrup with ice to revel in the collapse of America. The most powerful country, the richest, the strongest, the most the most, was treated by the little rascal like a beautiful curvy woman who would be sent to a prison of men who didn’t bang for 10 years. It was a party! 530,000 people infected and more than 20,000 dead so far in a country that has swung 2,000 billion to fight the rascal.

    Like what, it is now proven that to throw doses of morphine to someone in a coma, it is not very effective. The election of Trump has destroyed the image of American intelligence and civilization. An image that elites had taken decades to build collapsed with the election of a billionaire White Trash to the White House. And now, a little virus shows that the complete privatization of health can make to a healthy body.

    When you treat the human’s health like a hamburger, the more layers you get, the more you pay, America has collapsed. But nationalists and fascists at heart, they continue to perish that everything is the fault of the Chinese. A Judeo-Christian mantra also repeated in Europe. It is obvious that it is the Chinese who control the American border, it is the Chinese who own the American health system, it is the Chinese who manage Schengen, it is the Chinese who are at the French Ministry of Health.

    The Westerner’s latest find is that it is 5G that provokes the rascal and since they are cowards in the soul, they spread that it is Russia which is at the origin of this rumor. What is surprising is that Russia has signed an exclusive contract with Huawei to deploy 5G on its territory. It would be wrong for the Slavs to criticize a technology that they have welcomed with open arms. But there is one state behind this war propaganda and it is obviously the United States.

    Western science has also bitten the dust. A science that has become bureaucratic to the extreme, a science where the only mastery is to create Excel tables to make pretty columns. A science that despised doctors, a science that was disconnected to the extreme, plagued by money and pharmaceutical multinationals, wanting to dry up the whole world by chemical paradises with a thousand virgins having urticaria.

    A disgusting bureaucracy that must be burnt in flames and that must be rebuilt from scratch, because scientists who swear by their political interest, become inquisitors, a practice widely recognized by Westerners in a not so distant time. Raoultix won, chloroquine is used all over the world and during this time, scientists, farty and bitchy before the Lord, perorate and glorify obscure textbooks rather than treating their fathers and mothers who are suffocating in their beds.

    So here is a white blouse stained with blood and whose pockets are filled with beautiful notes. Parasit a day, always parasitic. Even if chloroquine doesn’t work for everyone, it has proven and shown little people that you should never trust scientists, they are not there to help you, they are there to intertwine between congeners who respect each other and who happily parasitize each other. As our hero said to everyone, in fire, everything burn!

    The West has imposed its ferocity and predatory logic on the world. But the problem in the kingdom of predators is that once genocides have been committed around the world, predators eat each other. Nothing should be hoped for from this end of the crisis, nothing will happen, because people are apathetic in the soul and dying in bodies which have been defeated by the society of consumption, entertainment, extreme infantilization and fear of a natural fact as death.

    This western society is a daddy’s boys, a spoiled child who nestles comfortably in the cozy nest of brilliant health, almost considering death as a fantasy and when illness and death knock on its door, it is a rabbit in front of the headlights. The West has failed across the board, neoliberalism is an abomination, globalization has given pride of place to people who have understood their interests. These Westerners will pretend to be glorified, the crisis past, but the whole world has their strange defeat.

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