Planet of Humans review: Genocide and mass sterilization

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  • Michael Moore with his Planet of Humans badly collapsed in his ideology. The one who gave us 9/11/11 Fahrenheit wants to kill everyone.

    Michael Moore with his Planet of Humans badly collapsed in his ideology. The one who gave us 9/11/11 Fahrenheit wants to kill everyone.

    The angry cries of ecologists after Planet of Humans are delicious. Like fried fish and adding lemon on top so that the flesh clicks in the tongue. No surprise on the message of Planet of Humans, because you have to kill everyone and sterilize everything that is possible. Overpopulation is the real problem, not the rest. The human destroys the planet, the planet must be saved, the human must be destroyed. This syllogism, with hints of sophistry, would not have been unworthy of Seneca.

    Planet of Humans is in two parts and it is the first part that has enraged all greens. Because Michael Moore completely destroys renewable energies. Solar and wind are bullshit. No controllable energy, intermittent by concept and energy storage is a big joke. The wishful thinking with miraculous batteries which would be clean to manufacture and which would last for years, being able to supply whole cities, well, one will reach nuclear fusion more easily in a Smartphone’s battery.

    Planet of Humans without humans

    Michael Moore with his Planet of Humans badly collapsed in his ideology. The one who gave us 9/11/11 Fahrenheit wants to kill everyone.

    Moore is right on this point, renewable energy is a big business, juicy, monopolized by ideological mafias, criticize the solar and the wind and you are a dangerous fascist who fuck the beavers at the fall of winter. What is hilarious in front of this ecology, unnatural abomination with faces which emerge, like lovecraftian monsters of the same ideological magma, is that the arguments have already been repeated by the critics of the ecology and the partisans of the nuclear whose was one of them.

    Even if I decided to reject some of the current science, by its incestuous fusion with neoliberalism, nuclear is clean energy, abundant and of very very very long duration. But Moore who promoted nuclear power would be like Trump promoting peace in the world. Moore is one of those activists who fell into absolute radicalism without any shame, the slightest modesty of intelligence is infamous in their eyes.

    I was not surprised by the neo-Malthusian tone from Planet of Humans. The problem is overpopulation, so you have to control humans. But the hypocrisy of the documentary transpires through every pore. If the human is a problem, then we have to take responsibility for the answers that we have to provide. Demographics is not a dog that obeys the whistle.

    Stability is not his thing. Either it points upwards like the DSK thing in front of a good maid, or it goes down like Pence’s thing in front of a trans. Either it’s mounting or the bottleneck, choose your side comrade.

    Michael Moore with his Planet of Humans badly collapsed in his ideology. The one who gave us 9/11/11 Fahrenheit wants to kill everyone.

    And the white people in the West learned this the hard way when they wanted to play the sorcerer’s apprentice with demographics. Family planning, forcibly imposed and disguised to empower women (a freedom for women to be cashiers or vendors), literally destroyed western fertility, causing extinction to a few generations of most European peoples, forcing also de facto mass migratory movements. And also causing borderless xenophobia. Thanks guys.

    The answer to overpopulation is mass genocide, combined with a global policy of sterilization. But nobody is going to admit it in Planet of Humans, but in flamboyant offices of large organizations, they trick us with all kinds of miraculous solutions, but when you think, like an idiot, that overpopulation is the real problem is that ‘There are a few billion extra, so you know deep down that you have to take the rifle and prune those who stick out. The funny thing is that those who advocate “radical solutions” against overpopulation never include themselves in the equation, start by getting rid of your presence, guys and maybe we will see more clearly.

    Michael Moore with his Planet of Humans badly collapsed in his ideology. The one who gave us 9/11/11 Fahrenheit wants to kill everyone.

    And who will say how many billions should we kill? Moore, the European Union, America? We raise Malthus and ask him? We must never forget that the ideas of Malthus created the bases of the racism of the class struggle. “The poor do not know how to control themselves, they reproduce like flies and therefore, they must be controlled“. Malthus’ ideas gave the worst anti-poor laws in England.

    What is even more terrible with Planet of Humans, thus showing the gigantic helplessness of white-collar whites ecologists, is that for them, overpopulation must be controlled and reversed in the West. Not a word about Asia, being the most populous continent, not a word about Africa, of which some countries cannot control a galloping demography. As the whites accept everything, then let them drink the chalice of the mass massacre with a smile.

    As I am in the middle of reading the stoicians, then I tell myself why stop there. Seneca tells us that the first men did not need anything.

    A cave served as a palace, the skin of dead animals served as their clothing, a few plants were enough to cure all ailments and what we saw when we went to bed was the beauty of the cosmos. Why slow down when we can return to the most primitive state possible, destroy cities, bridges, roads, fields, vegetable gardens, destroy everything and we will be happy !!! Don’t look at me, Moore says it, damn!

    Michael Moore with his Planet of Humans badly collapsed in his ideology. The one who gave us 9/11/11 Fahrenheit wants to kill everyone.

    For those who watch ecological debility in recent years, this type of destructive idea, promoted in Planet of Humans, is so common that it is commonplace in their conversations. The mad sects speak of the coming death, but the followers die and the gurus take a sunbath in a marvelous island. Planet of Humans, focusing on degrowth, a term completely insane by its very definition and depopulation, speaks of atrocious things if they are put into practice, but the followers of these ideas will always get by.

    You can say that you cannot solve the equation of unlimited growth in a world of limited resources. The idea of ​​unlimited growth is purely conceptual and one can quite have considerable growth in a dynamic world. In each era, humanity has adapted to the resources that have presented themselves to them. And if it doesn’t, the limited resource will somehow constrain it. And if that happens, then so be it, I prefer that nature, by its strength, bow down me than the ecologists whose minds are rotting with each passing day.

    And then, I am for the fight against overpopulation, if so, we have too many billionaires, too many journalists and corrupt politicians, too many bureaucratic frameworks, too many useless jobs, there I will follow you, build the gas chambers and I would come and press the button. It is not humans that need to be exterminated, but the parasites that have grafted themselves onto them and that rot us every second of our existence.

    Terrible that Moore got bogged down in a deadly ideology in essence. He who gave us the first (at least the most publicized) criticism of the American Empire with Fahrenheit 9 / 11½ or Bowling for Columbine on the stupidity of firearms. Back in the days of Westborow Church, a fundamentally racist church, he had already gotten together with the LGBT lobby and since then has continued to descend into totally insane ideologies, looking only at the Western prism.

    The positive point with Planet of Humans is that Moore unveils the true intentions of the criers who howl at the damnation of overpopulation, between the lines, we see massacres looming on the horizon if one day, someone their camp takes power. Greeners in France are in the same vein, but their accusing finger is directed mainly towards the West.

    In my french book, The Decline, in the short story “The Color of Progress“, I said that those who live in the green neighborhood, go out every morning and unroll banana leaves on which they bow down and cry out their repentance and asked pardon of Gaia mother. It’s delicious or startling that a fictional piece of news coming out of a sick brain like mine is going to be overwhelmed by the ranting that can be seen in things like Planet of Humans.

    The spherical impasse by definition that this documentary, because on the one hand, it is good that it destroys all the myths and fantasies about renewable energies and after this salutary work, the authors tell us to commit suicide for good of a planet of which they have become the exclusive representatives without election, of the green tyrants who lead the world towards an extermination much more ferocious and more bloodthirsty than climate change and our consumerist gluttony.

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