United States and United Kingdom: Among the dunces of Covid-19 and the greatest lesson givers

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  • Death, in its silent nature, is the most talkative when you know how to question it. The data on excess mortality linked to Covid-19 gives us a view of the world that is now obsolete.

    Death, in its silent nature, is the most talkative when you know how to question it. The data on excess mortality linked to Covid-19 gives us a view of the world that is now obsolete.

    They tried everything, they lied, they tampered with, they corrupted all the white coats they found. But in the end, death, as the only ruthless master, tells all the truths, especially the ones no one wants to hear. The numbers of excess mortality are starting to roll in and today it can be said that in the West the worst performers are the United States and the United Kingdom.

    The excess mortality in these two countries is far greater than what one would expect from developed countries, but especially countries that spend their time teaching the rest of the world about what medicine should be like. In fact, the United States and the United Kingdom have done worse than Senegal, Vietnam, Pakistan, Kerala or Sweden.

    And it’s not because the doctors in these countries are incompetent or totally corrupt (although the latter point is indisputable), no, it’s because they made a medicine of priests of the Torah. That is, for half of the epidemic, they spent their time in doing therapeutic trials in their patients rather than treating them.

    Scientists and doctors in the US and UK have been obsessed with finding “the new big thing” to save the world from covid-19. The global Remdesivir disaster is here to prove it. It is now known that this drug, known to be a mutagen, partially contributed to the creation of the English variant of covid-19 and that it is completely ineffective against the virus.

    And they were always on the lookout for new drugs, which they tested all day long on patients who needed treatment. They’ve tested all the new drugs, obviously the ones that make the most money. Hence the demonization of chloroquine, ivermectin, artemisinin. This is normal, these old drugs do not bring in a dime and therefore, why would we recommend them? It would be known if Western medicine was there to save people.

    This Western and Anglo-Saxon medicine and science is there above all to blindly obey Big Pharma, it is there to line its pockets and sociologically, it is part of this bourgeois class, with sadism in its head, on the obsession with having complete control over people’s lives.

    All the other countries, less stupid and less arrogant, have treated their patients. The US and UK realized too late that when a patient arrives at the hospital with 85% oxygen saturation and can barely walk, they should not be given Remdesivir or forcibly include trials for toxic and expensive drugs.

    If we don’t have an effective treatment for covid-19, which is the biggest lie in this epidemic, then we treat it by relieving the symptoms. Oxygenation, anti-coagulants, something has to be done. In America, the city of New York suffered this reading of the Torah with full force. Torah reading because at one time only hand-picked rabbis could read Torah and everyone was shutting their mouths.

    The same here, the prostitutes in white coats in the United States and the United Kingdom left thousands of people dead, just because they had to teach the whole world. Fortunately, the United States understood it and halved the deaths as soon as it started treating people directly. What? Can you save people by healing them? Who would’ve believed that ?

    For the UK it has been a disaster because even today they fail to understand this simple truth. Even today, they continue to argue that clinical trials are needed and they are not yet treating people. They are based entirely on the vaccine, the vaccine is a partial solution. He will be able to save a percentage of people, what do we do with the others? Shall we let them die?

    Clinical trials and stuff you can do when you have the time and you spend your days in dusty labs because you get paid for it. During an epidemic, which is tantamount to a war, you must constantly defend yourself against attacks and treat as quickly as possible with what you have on hand.

    In their fight against the epidemic, the United States and the United Kingdom behaved as if during a war the medics on the battlefield had spent their time analyzing the bullet, its trajectory and the speed at which it entered the body of a soldier to say they are doing science rather than extracting the bullet, with pliers if needed and cauterizing the wound.

    It shows that now the world must find other models for medicine. The United States and the United Kingdom have no more lessons to teach the rest of the world. Today there is evidence that lock down never worked. Loannidis demonstrated this very well: “We protected those who had nothing to fear and we let those who were the most vulnerable die.” We locked everyone up, but we let down the old people and the retirement homes.

    And we see it in the mortality age group. All over the world, covid deaths are typically over 65, but in the US and UK you have a large chunk of deaths among those under 40 which is insane. Because when a young person dies from covid-19, it was not the virus that killed him, but it was not treated properly. In the clinical trial inclusions, they included people, who did not even have covid-19, which skewed all the data.

    Worse yet, this covid-19 craze by the Anglo-Saxons has caused many more deaths from other diseases. Cancer treatment, surgeries, treatment of serious and chronic illnesses, everything was thrown in the trash while white-coated prostitutes in the US and UK danced around the scientific Torah table singing along. : “Covid, Covid, Covid”.

    During this crisis, we saw these white coats in their true face, a face of voracity, greed, arrogance, in short, the face of the worst aspects of human nature. From now on, we should no longer trust them under any circumstances.

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