Piracy : Arrest and massive raids on “The Scene”

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  • Several members of what is called The Scene, have been arrested by joint operations in the United States and Europe. Arguably one of the biggest attacks on torrent sites.

    Several members of what is called The Scene, have been arrested by joint operations in the United States and Europe. Arguably one of the biggest attacks on torrent sites.

    Reported by TorrentFreak, several members of The Scene were arrested at the same time by the American, Swedish, Dutch and Norwegian authorities. Members of groups such as SPARKS, GECKOS and DRONES have been targeted. Names are starting to circulate, Georges Bridi, Umar Ahmad nicknamed the Artist, but also Jonatan Correa alias Raid.

    What is The Scene?

    In any industry, you have the slackers and the parasites on one side and the elite on the other. This elite is responsible for 90% of the content that is posted on torrent sites. Movies, series, books, music, everything. This elite has been nicknamed The Scene and within it we find groups, isolated individuals and even organizations. SPARKS, GECKOS and DRONES are some of The Scene’s groups.

    Without The Scene, no torrent

    They are determined people who spend their time posting exclusive, high-quality content on torrent sites. When you download a Blu-Ray movie from Torrent, then it’s The Scene, the last episode of the flagship series right now, it’s The Scene. Think of it as a kind of Fight Club where everyone organizes themselves to deliver the best content. There is obviously the desire for gain, but it is above all the glory that interests them. Being at the top of the pyramid, because The Scene is organized as follows:

    • Top Sites – These are private, mostly FTP, highly secure servers that hold terabytes of data, ready to be published. It is on these servers that members of the various groups of The Scene collect their best content. These Top sites are systematically associated with IRC channels to announce new releases.
    • Rental of Top Sites – Sometimes these Top Sites are rented or earn money with a subscription. For example, a release group can rent it. Likewise, The Scene’s own members can “monetize” this Top Site. Often these are members at the bottom of the ladder to avoid compromising the top of the pyramid.
    • Release Groups – Then the contents of The Scene move to Release groups. For example, YTS/Yify was one of those release groups. Today, YTS has become the worst Judas by denouncing its own users to rights holders.
    • Torrent sites – Also known as trackers, these are the sites at the bottom of the ladder that are responsible for distributing content to the greatest number. These are the sites that you will use on a daily basis by equipping yourself with a VPN such as NordVPN, VPN.ac, Private Internet Access, Hidemyass or even VyprVPN.

    A fatal blow to the torrents?

    Torrent sites close every week and then they open under a new name. It’s just a cat and mouse game that has been played for years. But these massive arrests against The Scene is really big shit. Because we know that the arrests were followed by raids to seize dozens of servers.

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    This means that the top of the pyramid was beheaded. There are a lot of fears about the arrest of Umar Ahmad because he is believed to be a very high-ranking member of The Scene and he knows a lot of others members of The Scene. The SPARKS group was the main target with dozens of servers, located in the United States and Europe.

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