Youtube: You are now of legal age or not algorithmically speaking

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  • Youtube’s new fad is that it’s now an algorithm that tells you if you’re of age or not. Infantilization pushed to a delusional level.

    Youtube's new fad is that it's now an algorithm that tells you if you're of age or not. Infantilization pushed to a delusional level.

    If we look for Puritans in the world, then we can hope that all of them are in America. And that much of it is concentrated in GAFAMs. And the king of the Puritans is Google. His policy to “protect the children” becomes a delightful inquisition as if children were “poor little fragile things”. Whereas they are generally bloodthirsty sociopaths.

    We can also blame neurotic parents in a righteous and completely smoothed out American society, extremely sanitized, in a kind of ode to the Cursed Gods of political correctness. Thus, Youtube has just announced that it will put some videos in 18+ mode according to the judgments of the algorithm. This algorithm is based on contributions from community guidelines. So, poor morons, knowing nothing about nothing and going to say what you have the right to watch or not. And if a video is 18+, you automatically lose the advertising, the SEO. In fact, an 18+ video is non-existent in the eyes of Youtube.

    Having had this experience in the past, a normal video can make 1000 views on a subject. The same video, in 18+, will make 10 views in the best cases. Youtube’s algorithm is the most rotten there is. The accuracy is that of a drunkard, having swallowed several bottles of pure malt whiskey and who decides he is ready to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

    All the content, unpleasant to the power and the system in place, will go to 18+. And Youtube, like a virgin in a shabby bar, can tell heartily that it respects free speech, but no luck, the algorithm can’t make mistakes. And where it becomes mind-blemished stupidity is in Europe, if Youtube can’t guess the age of a user, then it’s going to ask for their ID card. In a few years, he will also have to provide his DNA and his hormone level, because the straight white male will undoubtedly be too “toxic” for Youtube.

    This algorithm will cause a bloodbath in many channels. Their views will be divided by 10, be it politically incorrect, sexuality issues or risk reduction with vaping for example. It is no longer “friendly” content, now it will be necessary to make content so slavish that even a worm would be shocked.

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