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  • Surfshark’s VPN still stays at $ 1.99 per month until September 9, 2020. It’s too good a promotion not to take advantage of.

    Surfshark's VPN still stays at $ 1.99 per month until September 9, 2020. It's too good a promotion not to take advantage of.

    All the providers slashed their prices during the summer. And arguably the most aggressive is which offers a 2-year subscription at $ 1.99, for a total amount payable of $ 47.76. Less than $ 50 for 24 months of VPN protection is a really good deal. Surfshark entered the VPN industry quite recently and with the competition being tough it has stood out by incorporating a of features.

    The advantages of Surfshark

    Already, while other providers offer a subscription for a number of devices, Surfshark’s subscription is for unlimited devices. In its software, there are tracker blockers, an option found with many vendors. Although a dedicated blocker like uBlock Origin will also do the job. It also allows you to configure the VPN for certain applications.

    This is useful for banking services that are not too keen on VPN IP addresses. We have a good policy, with hardly any logs being recorded, although identity and payment information is still processed. Note that Surfshark has benefited from an independent audit for its privacy policy. The availability of its VPN software is quite impressive. And concerning the speed, it remains in the average of the other suppliers.

    So if you are looking for a VPN or want to change providers, feel free to check out Surfshark. Note that this offer is valid until September 9, 2020. Subsequently, Surfshark will increase its prices.

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