What are the cheapest VPNs on the market

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  • With the fierce competition between different providers, it is always interesting which are the cheapest VPNs.

    With the fierce competition between different providers, it is always interesting which are the cheapest VPNs.

    The cheapest VPNs aren’t always the best, but neither are they the worst. In recent years, competition among VPN providers has become fierce. You have the former that stand out by incorporating more and more features while others cut the price. This price breakdown created a mass movement where all providers were forced to match prices.

    How did I choose these cheapest VPNs?

    I haven’t looked at all the prices for all VPN providers. That would be silly and a waste of time. I’ve taken the most well-known ones even though each in this list has their own pros and cons. I know the reliability of some providers and others are considered popular if you look at consumer sites.

    The cheapest VPNs mostly show up as lower prices for long-term subscriptions. It may be 12 months, but lately the 24 month subscription has been gaining more and more awards. You also have providers who go even further by offering discounts for 36-month subscriptions. But that’s still a minority for now. And I didn’t create a table for it. But I would mention them.

    Note: If a price does not have a symbol in the table, it is in euros. Prices in dollars are clearly indicated.

    Cheapest VPNs per month

    VPN ProvidersPrice per month
    Azire VPN5,00 €
    MullVad5,00 €
    PureVPN9,60 €
    Private Internet Access$9,95
    Tunnel Bear$9,99
    Hidemyass10,99 €
    Cyberghost11,99 €
    VyprVPN12,95 €

    The 3 cheapest VPNs for the monthly subscription

    Azire, Mullvad, and VPN.ac are the three cheapest VPNs if you only take the monthly subscription. And it confirms their business model and the way they approach VPNs. These three providers are known for their draconian privacy. You don’t even need an email to open an account with Mullvad, its account generation system is unique in the VPN industry.

    Azire uses the Wireguard protocol and it should be noted that these vendors do not have hundreds of servers around the world. Mullvad offers a monthly subscription of 5 euros and it is the only one it offers. This allows you to use the VPN as and when needed. VPN.ac is also well known for its constant concern for the protection of privacy although its monthly price is a good compared to the first two. If you don’t like long-term subscriptions, or only need a VPN for a few weeks, Mullvad and VPN.ac are the cheapest with the monthly subscription.

    Cheapest VPNs for 12 months

    VPN ProvidersYearly price
    Private Internet Access39,95 €
    Azire VPN45,00 €
    VyprVPN45,00 €
    Cyberghost49,50 €
    Hidemyass52,68 €
    Tunnel Bear$59,88
    PureVPN69,72 €
    MullVadNot available
    IvacyNot available
    NordVPNNot available

    The 3 cheapest VPNs for the 12 month subscription

    With the fierce competition between different providers, it is always interesting which are the cheapest VPNs.

    If you are looking for the cheapest VPNs for a 12 month subscription then Private Internet Access, Azire, and VyprVPN are in the top 3. Private Internet Access is an old-fashioned VPN business. He has always stuck to his positions to defend his users. He preferred to leave Russia rather than compromise his servers with the Russian authorities.

    VyprVPN is arguably one of the fastest VPNs on the market because it manages its own server infrastructure. At 45 euros for an annual subscription, VyprVPN and Azire are great choices. The former if you want speed above all else and the latter if you don’t want any compromise on privacy. PIA is clearly the cheapest, because its price is in dollars while the other two are in euros.

    Cheapest VPNs for 24 months

    VPN ProvidersPrice for 2 years
    VyprVPN60,00 €
    Private Internet Access$69,95
    Azire VPN78,00 €
    MullVadNot Available
    PureVPNNot Available
    Tunnel BearNot Available
    TorGuardNot Available
    IPVanishNot Available
    IVPNNot Available
    HidemyassNot Available
    CyberghostNot Available
    ExpressVPNNot Available

    The 3 cheapest VPNs for the 12 month subscription

    In fact, even though Surfshark is the first of the cheapest VPNs for 24 months in our table, it is better to mention Ivacy, VyprVPN and Private Internet Access. Because the price of $ 47.76 for 2 years of Surfshark is a limited promotion (this ends on September 9, 2020). It is not known whether its new price will be on the rise or not.

    But that was the price that was displayed when I looked up. Ivacy is a VPN, very aggressive on advertising and “promises”. It also breaks its prices enormously. Surfshark is in the same vein too, but when it comes to the two approaches VPN providers take to stand out, then Surfshark offers both. It packs a lot of features, but it’s also very affordable.

    The cheapest VPNs for the 3-year subscription

    In recent months, many providers have promoted a 3-year subscription at cut prices. But it seems to calm down a bit. NordVPN ditched theirs and today in our list only Tunnel Bear and Hidemyass remain offering a 36 month subscription. Tunnel Bear’s is $ 120 while Hidemyass offers it at 107.64 euros.

    Hidemyass has vanished from the VPN scene a bit lately. Because he had his share of problems disclosing personal information about two of his clients. Even though these two clients (a member of the infamous LulzSec and a judge guilty of harassment), had committed serious crimes, that did not prevent it from tarnishing his reputation. Recently, HMA became a vendor with a zero given policy and it even passed an independent audit to certify that it is not saying bullshit.

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