Telegram: The Freedom Party Against Fascist Censorship

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  • The bet and the bias of the freedom wanted by Telegram, risks giving it an overwhelming victory in the long term.

    The bet and the bias of the freedom wanted by Telegram, risks giving it an overwhelming victory in the long term.

    If you want plural information on most divisive subjects, you have to go to Telegram, if you want to express yourself without the stupid and mean little lieutenants of fascism coming to yell at you, you have to go to Telegram. In short, if you want to be free, you have to go to Telegram … within the limits of the available terms of use …

    I have been using Telegram for almost 5 years and since 2021 I have rarely seen such a buzz where thousands of people come to this platform in search of freedom. Alternative media, dissent, if you want to find real information, you will find it on Telegram.

    Many networks have become resonating caverns of the power in place, with less-than-nothing harassing and threatening those who do not think like them. These networks also practice systematic censorship, but between universal censorship and almost universal freedom, we can say that the latter has already won.

    We can not say everything about Telegram, the platform has already deleted content and accounts. So when thousands of Italian truckers blocked the country in protest against the vaccine pass, then Telegram let it go. But when some Italian groups called for attacking doctors and pharmacists, then the accounts were deleted. The same goes for Germany where groups were calling for violence against white coats, to protest against lockdown and other stupid phantasies of the Western powers to lock up the population.

    Telegram has chosen the liberty bias… within the confines of the most serious crimes law. The other social networks have chosen the stance of absolute obedience, servile with an almost delicious prostration in the face of the orders of their masters. And it would seem that in the long run, freedom wins, because the dumb and mean censorship problem and you banish everyone.

    On the other hand, Telegram by letting its users express themselves on all subjects, has not only created a platform that is welcoming, efficient, but also responsive on all subjects. Durov speaks personally when it comes to banning content and that transparency inspires confidence.

    The technical aspect is also there. Today you can do anything on Telegram. Lives with thousands of people, voice rooms like Discord, all communication features, which can be used in events and create cohesion, are present at Telegram.

    Of course, a majority of people are still afraid of Telegram, to avoid being labeled a fascist, anti-Semite and kitten killers. But as mentioned, the problem with censorship and tyranny is that it has no limits and it has a circular suppression of everything that exists.

    The day will come when mainstream social networks will be empty. These will be the same people who will howl at the moon over and over again. And when they try to come to Telegram to impose their fascism, they will come up against the platform’s freedom bias. Telegram will not obey them like a little dog. He did not obey during the events in Belarus, Hong Kong, Iran and it is not small Western countries that will scare him.

    But the attack can come from the deep state. There are articles starting to come out accusing Telegram of harboring criminals, facilitating piracy, etc. The same tactics used over and over again and it will be necessary to determine who wins in the long run.

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