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  • Fans will find a lot of useful information on the site of sports statistics. Football predictions  of matches from all over the world are available as well. The forecasts are also accepted for games of Real Madrid, which is undergoing significant changes during this summer.

    Thus, it became known that Sergio Ramos is leaving the club after 16 years of performances for “The Whites”. The legendary defender and the club failed to agree on a contract extension. As a result, Ramos leaves Madrid on the rights of a free agent.

    The departure of such an experienced defender, who has long «cemented» Madrid’s defense, is unlikely to be unnoticed. Yes, «Real Madrid» have several other great players in this position, but they are very far from Ramos. In addition, Sergio was the captain of the Madrid club for many years. Obviously, he is a victim of the generational change that is gradually taking place at «Real Madrid». However, even without Ramos, there are many aged leaders in “The Whites” team: Benzema, Modrić, Kroos and others.

    Go to the sports statistics website to find out how the Madrid super club will fare in the upcoming campaign. Since «Real Madrid» will surely need a great defender, we can expect the team to be active on the transfer market. It’s likely that this will also have an impact on the results of the matches.

    Learn football predictions from the professionals already today

    You have access only to the latest data from verified information resources. Study the predictions on football from the professionals and you can better understand what awaits “The Whites” in the future. Talking about the prospects of the Madrid club in the upcoming season, even despite the departure of Ramos, the team has a good chance to fight for the title. In its favor there are:

    1. Classy and well-knit team. Many players have been together for a long time in the same team. All the football players perfectly know the capabilities of their colleagues, which doesn’t allow them to  make almost any mistakes during their actions.
    2. Great experience of the leaders. They know very well at what point in the season they need to add up and what they need to do to win the championship title.
    3. The experience of the head coach. Ancelotti is back at «Real Madrid» and intends to use all the resources at his disposal to challenge «Atletico», «Barcelona» and the other competitors.

    The upcoming season in La Liga will definitely be one of the most interesting and you can follow it on the sports statistics website, where there is a detailed coverage of every match.

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