Curaçao Gaming Authority Guide

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  • This entity has been in operation since 1996, making it one of the oldest and most experienced in the online gambling licensing sector. The Curaçao Gaming Authority is known worldwide for its strict enforcement of rules and licensing of various reputable online casinos.

    Together with the Malta Gaming Authority and the UK Gambling Commission, it is one of the most common bodies in regulating online gambling.

    Should licensed casinos in Curaçao be trusted?

    Curaçao is famous for its paradisiacal beaches and for being an essential destination for operators looking to offer their services legally.


    Here are some interesting facts about the territory to help clear up any doubts.


    Curaçao is a territory that belonged to the Netherlands Antilles until 2010. It is now an autonomous territory of the Netherlands (a member of the European Union). It allows it to offer several benefits of that economic bloc without the heavy restrictions.

    Curaçao is a popular destination for online casinos, and part of its revenue comes from licensing. Therefore, the Curaçao Gaming Authority keeps a close eye on its licensees to maintain its good image.

    The Curaçao Gaming Authority has tools for gamblers, such as web-based information validators and contact forms for complaints and requests.

    How casinos are licensed in Curaçao

    The licensing process of an online casino is a good sign of the regulator’s professionalism. Here’s the description of the process that casinos must go through.

    Companies apply
    The Curaçao Gaming Authority asks for an extensive list of documents that seek to prove some critical points, for example:

    •  Identity of the owners and the company
    • The legality of the business activities
    • Financial solvency, to pay the prizes
    • Transparency of the casino software
    • A criminal history of those involved with the online casino.

    Once the documents are submitted, the regulator proceeds to their analysis.

    Study of the application

    The Curaçao Gaming Authority can take up to 6 weeks to review the applicant’s application. In this process, they check the integrity of the documents and decide whether to grant the licence.

    Payment of licensing fees

    If the application is approved, newly licensed online casinos must pay the corresponding fees. The fees are pretty high and are usually tens of thousands of dollars.

    The Curaçao Gaming Authority issues a “master licence”, which applies to the leading online casino and the subsidiary brands it operates. Every YOJU casino review notes it has a legal licence.

    What games can be found at licensed casinos in Curaçao?

    Absolutely all of them! Licensed casinos in Curaçao have the same range of games, welcome bonuses and promotions as you would find at any other establishment.

    The games that are usually available are:

    • Slot machines
    • Blackjack
    • Poker
    • Baccarat
    • Craps
    • Keno
    • Bingo
    • Live dealer games
    • Sports betting
    • Lotteries
    • Games of skill

    Of course, transparency of results is guaranteed by the Curaçao Gaming Authority. In the event of a problem, the regulator has mechanisms to resolve disputes.

    How do I know if an online casino is licensed in Curaçao?

    Some sites pretend to be licensed to generate trust among their victims. So take these steps to prove the casino fairness:

    Look for the seal of the Curaçao Gaming Authority. Properly licensed online casinos have the Curaçao Gaming Authority logo at the bottom of their web pages. This seal must be blue or white, as a red, yellow or black seal is a red flag.

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