How To Encourage Your Friend To Start Using THC Cartridges?

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  • Vaping is one of the popular ways to consume cannabis among users. THC cartridge heats the cannabis into a fine vapor. There is no smoke from this vape device, which offers a healthier way of cannabis consumption than traditional smoking. It can encourage your friend to use THC carts. Vaping does not cause combustion, and it is an alternative to smoking.


    More people find vaping as their ideal choice to consume marijuana. You should guide everything about vaping to your friends and explore the benefits of vaping THC carts. In the world of cannabis, you can find out what is best for you.

    How To Encourage Your Friend To Start Using THC Cartridges?

    What is vaping?

    Vaping is a new way to consume cannabis or herbs without producing smoke. Rather than smoke, a vape device produces vapor you can inhale. Your friends may be familiar with smoking, using fire to burn the material, and you can inhale the smoke.

    Benefits of vaping

    Vaping has unique benefits over other consumption methods. If you plan to have a better option to get high, vaping promotes a wide- range of benefits.


    1. Vaping cannabis is discreet

    It is impossible to hide the smell of pot in a living room or public place. One of the advantages of using vaping is that it will not produce an odor. You will not get the familiar smell of cannabis due to the terpenes in the cannabis. Vape pen gives minimal smell and vanishes in minutes, and it helps to keep your consumption hidden. That is the reason for the popularity of vaping every day.

    2. Vaping offers a stackable high

    If you light the joint or a bowl, you will finish it. Some may have the self-control to use a joint or a bowl for the whole day. But to most smokers, the serving size is based on the pack. The new vaping trend maintains moderation, as there is no need to worry about ashes. You can take a hit and stand for 20 minutes, then go to another hit and repeat until you feel the experience. When you switch to vaping, you can find the ideal high on your own. Try to have micro-dosing at first.

    3. Affordability and flexibility

    One of the advantages of using THC carts is the affordability and flexibility of vapes on the market. You can purchase concentrates and cartridges at every price point at your local weed dispensaries, especially if you can find the vape that meets your desire.

    4. Vape pens are more convenient

    Vape pens are named due to their resemblance to a pen. The device has the same length and width, which is convenient to travel while keeping it in your purse or pocket before going out. Vape oil perfectly fits into the pen, and don’t worry about the bunch of moving parts. It will not produce a smell, and no need to worry about the odor.

    You can no longer carry a bowl, grinder, or stash jar.

    5. Vaping can save your money

    Purchasing a vape pen can be an investment. Smoking cannabis is waste as it burns plant material. All the active ingredients degrade, and passing the joints’ to your friends may result in more loss. You will waste money each time when you allow the joint to burn too long. Vaping saves much money because vapor will be released when you draw on your pen.


    6. Vaping acts as an alternative to quitting smoking

    Vaping is more beneficial to addicted smokers. Nicotine is an addictive substance, and it is not easy to quit smoking. Even though many prescribed medicines are available to withdraw from smoking, it has adverse effects. On the other hand, scientific research has found that cannabis vaping is an alternative to tobacco smoking. A puff acts quickly, reaches the blood circulation, and supports replacing the similar feelings of smokers but without the addiction.

    How to vape THC?

    1. Select your cannabis

    a. Cannabis bud

    Bud makes people high and has many effects. You should take it in a vape device that handles dry herbs.

    b. Concentrates

    Shatter, wax, and oil can be used as concentrates that are stronger than the dry bud. Concentrates are from bud through the extraction process and are very potent.

    2. Choose your vape device

    a. Disposable vape pens

    THC. It is the easiest way for beginners to vape. In the name itself, it represents that disposable vape pens can be used one time pre-filed with THC oil. You cannot refuse this device after inhaling a few hundred puffs. It should be thrown into the trash, and buy a new one.

    b. Pre-filled cartridge

    Portable vaporizers require a pre-filled cartridge to vape. It is available in the range of 0.5 ml or 1 ml cartridge with THC.

    c. Refillable vaporizers

    This vaporizer is more complex than the above two cartridges. It consists of a battery attached to a tank with an internal coil. The tank is removable from the battery, and you can fill the chamber with e-liquid.

    3. Choose your dosage

    Taking the correct dosage is essential so that you can get high. If you don’t have enough concentration, you won’t get the benefits you want. If you are satisfied with all the above variables, Enjoy vaping.

    What to look for when buying vape cartridges?

    It is essential to buy cartridges from reputable vendors when shopping for THC vape carts. Ensure to buy it from a company having a certificate of analysis or COA. This certificate shows everything that you are getting from your products. It may have unhealthy additives if you purchase it from an unknown person.

    All cannabis products should undergo third-party lab testing to confirm their high quality. The report analysis shows the absence of mold, additives, metals, etc. Another thing you have to consider is the type of strain to use in THC arts. Consult with your budtender to recommend your strain options to get your desired experience.


    There are many benefits of vaping THC carts over other methods of consumption. It is convenient, easy to use, controls your dosing, etc. If you are using a high-quality vape pen, it gives a more enjoyable experience than smoking cannabis. All these things can make your friend start using THC carts.

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