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Here is an article about Linux DNS server with the following topics:

1 The /etc/hosts File
2 Domain Names
3 Top Level Domain Names (TLDs)
4 Subdomains
5 Types of DNS Servers
6 Setting up Linux DNS Server
7 Configuring BIND
8 Defining a Primary Zone
9 Defining a Secondary Zone
10 Defining a Caching Zone
11 DNS Records Types
11.1 SOA: Start of Authority Record
11.2 NS: Name Server Records
11.3 A and AAAA: Address Records
11.4 PTR: Pointer Records
11.5 MX: Mail Exchange Records
11.6 CNAME: Canonical Name Records
11.7 TXT Records
12 DNS TTL Value
13 Catching Configuration Errors
14 Host Command
15 Whois Command
16 The rndc Command
17 Linux DNS resolver

Hope you find it useful.

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